Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yo-yo garland and ornament ideas

I decided this year that I'd like to create a "homespun" looking Christmas. Where most, if not all of the decorations on the Christmas tree would be home made. I'm also trying to make sure that the majority of the gifts we give are crafted by hand, by either myself, or items that I have bartered for on the farmgirl website that I am a member of.

Here is an image of the yo-yo garland that is about 5 yards long and will be used on the Christmas tree this year. I also am posting an image of a couple of very easy to make ornaments.

The Victorian looking ornament is simply a rosette of lace, made by doing a running stitch into a length of lace and gathering it until it forms a rosette, then hot gluing a large wooden heart to which a victorian heart shaped sticker has been applied. Then embellishing with a ribbon bow and a ribbon hanger.
The farmgirl ornament is simply a vintage image reduced to 3 by 5 inch size, and printed onto card stock , lace is added to the back edge to "frame" the image, ribbon hanger attached to the back.
I will be making about 30 different farm related vintage images, as well as vintage images of nursery rhyme sayings.
Some of the cards will be trimmed with beading in silver and gold.
There you have it..a few very easy ways to decorate your tree in a "homespun" fashion.
I'll be sharing a few more ideas I make new items for the tree.
I hope that you all have had a lovely day today.
I did manage to get a few more rose bushes transplanted into the new flower bed today with the help of my daughter..before we were attacked by no seeums and mosquitos.
I'm hoping to get the flower bed done real soon, but the bugs were pretty bad this afternoon.
Oh, and I'll have some new items to add to my etsy shop real soon too...
My mom ...who is a beginning folk artist/self taught...has some images that she has painted, and they are very nice. I will be posting prints of the paintings in my etsy won't want to miss these! They are absolutely adorable! and would make an awesome Christmas gift.If you appreciate the folk art look, you will appreciate these.
I will keep you all posted when I get them in the shop.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland" today.
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Ilike the garland. All my ornaments on my tree are homemade. Will send the instructions on how to make a cow from a lightbulb. May be tomorrow before I can email you with it. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

BClark said...

Oh, nice, nice, nice. What a great idea, I may borrow some of it. In reality probably won't be this Christmas, but something for future use. May I ask how you like your etsy store. I also go to Farmgirls and have seen that quite a few people use it. Best to you, Barbara

GardenGoose said...

for a bit of fun money, the etsy site is nice.
ooh, I forgot about the light bulb painting. I have done that before, a long time ago.Would love to see the cow ornament.

Nancy Jo said...

Just thought I would tell you that you can still buy those roasting pans like you saw on my site. I think I saw them at k mart a while back. But they are still around. I always cook my pot roasts and chicken in them.

Inspired Tokens said...

Love the idea of the yo-yo garland. Someday I will find time to make 100 or so, it's on my to do list.

Mary Isabella said...

Oh I really like yoyo's and the garland what a delicious idea. Mary

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm liking those yo-yo's more and more, they are all over blogland! Are they easy to make? I love the idea of a homemade Christmas too!

SimpleFolk said...

Just stopping by to catch up... LOVE the garland! I made a promise to myself to keep Christmas homemade and simple this year as well. I'm sorry that you had such a scare with your health. I would have been praying for you had I known, but I'm just grateful that you had good news. By the way, "Sunny" is just too sweet. :o)


JANET said...

You are getting so much done so early! I like your old-fashioned tree idea as well as making gifts by hand. I just can't even think about Christmas til after Thanksgiving! then, the day is almost here!

Tony Destroni said...

love the garland and your idea of it . i just wonder if your the one who made it ? very creative . i made a wind chimes and wind spinners for my garden its beautiful some people tot i was expensive hahaha.!