Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Sunny" the baby duckling

You asked for them..and here they are!

Here are a couple of images of my new baby duckling "Sunny". So adorable!
Yet another little "quacker butt" that haas wrapped my heart around its little webbed foot...ha.
Hope you all have a lovely evening.
I have an errand to run this evening, but will also post images this evening of the yo-yo garland and a few other items.
~The Garden Goose~


Katie said...


Love this little ducky!

Happy days ahead, Tina. Welcome to the blogosphere, Sunny!

Anonymous said...

Have you introduced Sunny to
Daffy? What a cute little fuzzy
baby. There is nothing more precious than a new baby,Human
or animal. Happy quacking MW

Beverly said...

OMG!!! Tina.....that little ducky is so adorable. I love the way you posed her with the flowers behind her in contrast....you are such a good photographer!!! Thanks for sharing!

BClark said...

Oh, no, next thing you know I will find myself with ducks,lol. My poor long suffering Hubby!! He is just getting used to the goats.

Good luck with your new Quacker

jayedee said...

he is soooooooo dear!
i love babies! feathered, finned, two legged or four, i love 'em all!