Monday, November 12, 2007

Good News!

Had my dr's appointment today, and good news!...during my exam the dr. said I had no fibroids, no fibroid tumors, no tumors at all, and no cancer.I just laid there and said "thank God!"

I do have what they call "polycystic ovarian syndrome"...and am going to take some meds for about 10 days to help with that, and also get some blood work done related to this little thing...but Thank God it wasn't and isn't anything serious. I am so happy! Thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts. Really appreciate it.(I've posted my "Bluebirds of Happiness" Collage today to commemorate this happy news)
Another good thing happened today... my hubby got me a baby Peking duck! The little thing is only 10 days old today, and is so teeny tiny, only about 5 inches tall at the most. It is half the size that Daffy was when I got him as a baby. This little gal/guy is so tiny it is amazing. It's little beak is only about as long as a thumb nail and only about as wide as my pinky nail. I will for sure post pictures tomorrow.
I have named it "Sunny"..because my day turned out to be rather bright and with good news, and then the little duckling as a surprise..I felt the name "Sunny" was appropriate.
Well..this week was "try new/different foods" week. After trying the buffalo burgers the other night..last night we tried quail...again purchased from our local Publix. 4 quail for $7.89 which averaged close to $2 per person for the meal.
The meat was very tasty...but quail are tiny, and you don't get much meat at all from it. But for something different for a change it was nice. I think though that for the price..I'd rather get cornish hens and bake those up...for more meat.We all agreed that we preferred the buffalo burgers though the best, as they were more filling.And easier to eat than the quail, and more meat for the money.
Oh..and yes..I will post pictures tomorrow of the yo-yo garland also...along with a few ideas for easy homemade farmstyle ornaments.
Well..that's all this evening.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
Have a great evening.

~The Garden Goose~


jayedee said...

i can only imagine the relief you must feel! i'm soooo happy for you!
and what a wonderful thoughtful husband you have!

Beverly said...

Glad all is about a picture of that darling little duckling!!! Congrats, mama duck!!

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) What a joy to read that you are well! Love to you, Q

Sue said...

Wonderful news Tina!! I'm so happy for you, what a relief! Take care now!

JANET said...

Hi there, I haven't checked your blog recently so didn't realize you weren't feeling well. Glad everything turned out okay!
About quail: My dad was a quail hunter, so we had lots of quail dinners. My mother sort of steam-fried them and served them with rice and gravy...a lot like fried chicken. You have to eat three or four to feel like you have had anything! But they were good...unlike doves...which are dark meat and not to my taste.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
That is wonderful news. My dd has that too. that is why she couldn't get pregant for so long. Now that she is they are taking every precaustion to get her through it. The meds makes her really sick. She lost 80 pounds the first year on them.
I hope you are well soon.