Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Fun Finds

Here are the recent fun finds:

Vintage Peacock Playing Cards..I'll use to either frame a few together..or use at the bottom of framed peacock feather fans as a little fun element alongside the fans.

Vintage Dutch Girl placque.

Vintage Dutch Girl Bank.

A Blue cow planter to go with the Spanish dancer and some vintage Spanish/Mexico items. And Spanish Dancer/Bullfighter pictures.

And....little bluebird placques because my little 4 yr. old loves singing "Zippety Doo Dah" with me.It is her fave I'll incorporate these bluebirds into a new bedroom for her..I'm thinking on either side of a curtain rod would be adorable.Also up above..a Scandinavian doll and wee bone china Dutch shoe.
Yes..there is a rhyme and a reason to my new finds..I collect Dutch themed items..and also I have plans to create a small tabletop vignette using the Spanish items..alongside of a vintage Ferdinand the bull book and a matador figurine and a spanish these are elements for vignettes and collections.
The peacock cards will go with the peacock themed items I have started creating a small vignette/pictures of.
My method is that...I want to make sure that I decorate with items that have charm and age to them..and sometimes a bit of whimsy..but definitely something that makes me smile.
Thanks for taking a peek at my new "goodies".:0)
~The Garden Goose~

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find all those goodies? Especially like the little dutch girls and the the blue birds. They will look so cute in Hannah's room!