Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Blog Land Seed Exchange!

o.k.... We are gearing up to start this fun 2 week long event! (due to not but about 4 sign ups..I have decided to shorten the swap length time to only being a week/swap will end on Sept. 26th/thanks to all that did join. I hope you were able to add a few new items to your seed collections/gardens)

Here's How it will work:

1. Sign up here on this post.

2.Add the picture to your blog post (of the seed planting image with text that says "Great Seed Exchange") so that folks know you are participating.(Right Click and do a "save as" then post into your blog post.)

3. Add a link back to this blog( so that others can see the list of participants.

4. Create a list that says "Have" and list the varieties of seed you have to trade and how many packets you have available.

Example: Marigolds/French- 2 pkts
Love in a Mist- 2 pkts
.... and so on.

5. Create your "Want" List...what you are looking for.

6. Then have fun trading!

Contact the person that has what you'd like to grow in their "have" list, and see if anything that you have in your "have" list ...matches what they have in their "want" list ... and so on.
You should be able to contact them through their blog profile.
****I'll open sign ups through to September 21st. This allows you time to look through what you have in the way of seeds..and to be able to compile your "Have" and "Want" lists.
The Swap Outs will officially start on Monday,September 22nd....and run through until October 6th.(Due to only a few folks signing up..swap ends on Sept.26th) Thanks to all participants that did join in.
This swap out is done through the Honor system/and respect for your fellow blogger.
***Please note: I am not responsible for any swaps that a person may fail to follow through upon.

You enter into this swap knowing that I will not be held responsible for any persons actions(other than my own) that sign up for this swap.
~The Garden Goose~


Lilla said...

I enjoy gardens and seeds. Sadly it is containers here for me.
We have a pebble garden with tropicals and a small Japanese garden which requires little maintenance, it is simple. Wish I could swap seeds tho.
aloha Lilla

Auntie Li said...

How do I sign up? Where can I see who else signed up?

Did I just sign up? I'm signing up!

Philip Bewley said...

How fun! What a great idea. I will try to put this all together based on your instructions this weekend.


Gayla said...

Thanks for inviting me to exchange, but I don't garden any more. I live with Mom, and it's all we can do to get a few live plants set out.. It sounds like fun, and I'm all in it with my heart for you and your fellow exhangers.. Have fun and count me in for your next endeavor... Hugs.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Thanks for the invite Tina, but I didn't garden this year with moving and all but if you do it next year I should be able to join in. Good luck with it and the house selling!