Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Friend "Love in My Mailbox"

Told you I'd share with you the "Blogging Love" I received in my mailbox from dear sweet Wanda over at

And here it is!
Isn't this just so very sweet of her?!

Wanda I love everything!
I knew when I opened the package and saw a beautiful peacock feather setting atop the wrapping..that what was in store was going to be just as lovely..and I was right!
From the little beaded beads(Wanda creates larger beads by using tiny seed beads all together to create a larger "beaded bead"..really cool!) Then lampwork vintage laces on pretty painted clothespins, and vintage look strawberries made from dyed velvet...and a beautifully embroidered Victorian look pillow.
Oh my!
..even a tiny bottle of bubbles so I can feel like a kid again anytime I want to..(hmm does Wanda know that I act like a kid at least once or twice a day anyhow(and even more..but who's keeping count)..ha... and those bubbles will be gone in no time..hee hee)

And there's even a darling velvet needle holder made to look like a little Red Riding Hood! Love it!!
even a bag of buttons..and gosh..even more! A pretty bird made from little various scraps of cloth and ribbon..really a star folded fabric ornament..and little heart shaped yo-yo's.And even a few vintage items..tiny hanky..and little linen..and even a vintage piece from a flower garden quilt..and more!
Wow! what a package filled with love and beautifully handcrafted items!!!

Thank you ever so much Wanda!
It really made my week!
Tina~ The Garden Goose~

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Thanks Tina for posting the pics of the package I sent you for being my first bloger. I had so much fun making things,and finding things to put in it. I am so happy you enjoyed it so much.Keep in touch.TTFN roses in winter.