Friday, September 26, 2008

An Important Cause...

I know that I normally don't post twice in a day..but I am now a part of a group of women that have a very special...very important cause...and I wanted to share this with you...because maybe this is something you are interested in..and would like to be a part make a difference too...

--------- I am now a part of a group of women from all over the U.S....(and even one gal stationed over in Kuwait has joined in) that are making it our goal..our mission... to educate ourselves , our families, our friends, and those we meet along the way...about the importance of saving and growing Heirloom vegetables, fruits, and plants and flowers.(Pure unaltered open pollinated strains of fruits and vegetables.. ...not genetically modified seed)
With all of the Genetically Modified things going on with our food crops(fruits and vegetables)/and even potentially our meat sources across the U.S. and abroad...we find that it is ever increasingly important to make sure that the "old ways"..the "tried and true" ..."untainted ways" of our ancestors be not forgotten and become extinct.
We have made it our mission and our goal to start collecting Heirloom varieties of seed/plants and to even raise old standard breeds of livestock that are on the verge of becoming extinct as well... and to make sure that we plant and grow these types of things in our gardens,landscapes...and for those of us with the land space raise farm animals of the Heritage Breeds.
And to share seeds/knowledge with each other..and those we encounter... as we keep this way of life..Our Heritage..... ALIVE!
If you or anyone you know is interested in this type of thing..Please join us over at Mary Jane's Farm

**Please note that even though the site does have a lot of women is open to men also.
Won't you join us in "MAKING A DIFFERENCE...ONE SEED AT A TIME!"

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