Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday already!...and more

Goodness gracious..but this week whipped on by I tell you! It is Friday already!
I've been working on clearing out the youngest children's bedroom. I managed to get rid of a lot of books..they still have quite a few, but I managed to clear out a big bins worth.
Then I'll be clearing out even more items tomorrow as I tackle the rest of the toys and the clothes hanging in the closet , and sort out everything that might be out grown.
Trying to thin things way down.
Then I'll re- tackle my bedroom.
I have to get the things stored under the bed sorted through, as well as everything in the closet sorted out and majorly thinned down.
I also have on my "to do list"
a few small painting projects.
Then some more rooms/closets to thoroughly clean out and thin way down.
Then I'll be tackling some major deep cleaning in the house.
Then I'll move my cleaning to the and things needing doing outside.
Weeding and trimming what needs trimmed up and straightened up out there.
Wanna come help?..ha.
Well...I'll be hitting the big 4-0 in a few days...yep..I have a birthday next week.
On the 17th to be precise.
My hubby is one day older than we joke a bit.
I say that I got my older man after all..if only by a day..ha.
And he'll say to me "oh I remember being your felt just like yesterday"...ha.
yeah..corny I know..but sorta funny.:0)
Don't know yet what I'll be doing for my birthday.
Nor what I'll do for hubby's birthday.
Just as long as no one gets us any of that tacky "over the hill" stuff..oh gracious!
We aren't "over the hill" yet!
And gracious we still look and act like we are in our 20's.
In fact I'm one of those Toys R Us kids..oh yep..yes I am....
sing it with me now..."I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys R Us Kid"
Well..I have a friend send me a bunch of old silver trays..I plan on refurbishing them creating altered art on them.
Oh I have quite a few fun ideas for them.She was so sweet and generous and sent me about 8 silver trays! oooh la- la..I'm gonna have sooo much fun!
I can't wait to get started..but of course I have to get some of my "chores" out of the way first before I can sit down to "play"
..but I aim to tackle one of them soon and have it listed in the etsy shop when I get it completed.
Well..thanks so much for stopping by!
Oh..and don't forget to vote for your favorite blogger's art work( that would be me now wouldn't it ?..hee hee) over at "Mind Wide Open"(see left hand side bar)
Have a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~

p.s. posted a collage image of the stages of the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly"from egg to butterfly" for my friend Deena at" Can I be Pretty in Pink?"
here you go Deena..image as promised.


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) I didn't know you were a September girl, too! I hope that you will have a grand bday week, and will enjoy the big 4-0.

I love the purple flower collage at the top of this post! What is the flower?

Love & hugs, Q

Anonymous said...

hey Tina,
Tried to leave a comment earlier and it does recognize me! Ha! Guess I am a stranger to blogland.
Love the purple flower collage.
mom C.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say it does not recognize me.