Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to my regularly scheduled program..ha...

Time to get back to my "regularly scheduled program"..hee hee. I am...back to blogging and yakking about my day.
Missed it didn't ya?
Ahhh..course ya did.:0) Everyone has gotta have their "fix" of "Garden Goose" every now and again.
Ya'll love me don't ya.:0) Well..I love ya'll too.(smooch smooch...o.k. o.k. that's just a bit too mushy here now... contain yourselves! )
but anyhow....back to the program it is.
So..what have I been up to lately?

hmmm..let's see..I sprained my wrist the other day.

How?...wielding tree trimmers and trying too hard to lop off a few very stubborn branches on a few trees in my backyard that were threatening to look like "monster trees" as their long green branches crept ever so much more closer to engulf my house...o.k. o.k. hmmm..this isn't a horror I'll cut the tacky drama....but didn't you hear that suspenseful horror movie music in the background..that da duh..da duh...that..""the trees come alive at night" sort of da duh..da duh.. eery scary stuff...'s much tamer than that in reality..ha. Not quite as exciting I'm afraid. Just a few wayward branches on the drake elm outside my kitchen window..and a few branches on the pear tree, and a few on a small redbud tree in the courtyard area.
See....I lead a much less scary life than what you thought there for a minute...ha.
And yes..the wrist will heal... no biggy.I'm just a big wimp sometimes.
The weather here the last few days has been "Simply Divine".."Mah-velous Dahling..simply Mah-velous!"
A few more Gulf Fritillary flitting about yet..and some of the passion vine is still blooming.
Oh!...I was given a wonderful mail surprise from a fellow blogger came in my mailbox 2 days ago..and I have GOT to get a photo and show you all the lovelies!
Wanda at : sure knows how to spoil a gal.
Thank you Wanda!
Wanda wanted to spoil me because I was one of her first commenter's on her blog.
Thank you really did spoil this gal..and made my week that's for sure.
Please stop by and welcome my new blogging friend to "blogland"
Wanda has a very pretty do stop by and check it out.
Next post I'll share some recent vintage finds. And then of course I will also share with you the photo of the lovelies I received from Wanda.
Have a beautiful day! And thanks for stopping by.

~The Garden Goose~

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