Saturday, March 29, 2008

So how'd your day start??

Everything here is going o.k.
Unless you bring up the topic of escape artist chickens that wind up in the neighbors yard, and hubby waking you up this morning to announce.."I let the chickens out this morning at 6 and now they are in the neighbors yard and you gotta go get them"
And you are like "huh?" why'd you do that?? I only let them out at like 11 in the morning and then they stay home usually and come back into the cage"
(and your thinking..o.k. so your the one that let them out, but now you're saying I gotta go get them..huh??)
And his reply.."well, they were clucking real loud and I didn't want the neighbors to have a problem."
So..there you are groggy eyed and hurrying to comb your hair just in case the neighbors(some of whom you've never met) see you.
And you are out by the fence trying to coax a stupid chicken that can't figure out how to hop back up onto the "come on girl."

Finally you get fed up cause..

number 1....the puppy is starting to bark because you are late on letting him out and you just know he's gonna pee his kennel and towel if you don't get him out to go potty, and you've had to wash his towel about 4 times already this week...
2. the daughter is hollering " I gotta go pee and I'm hungry now!"
And 3. the stupid chicken keeps running up and down the fence line and can't figure out how to get back finally say.."dad blame it! let it get run over or whatever ..who cares. If it comes back fine, if it doesn't who gives a darn."LOL So...that was my was yours??LOL
~The Garden Goose~


hopetreestudio said...

Hi just found you! Love reading your blog. Denise

The Feathered Nest said...

Ahhh, such a lovely relaxing morning!!! So it goes in the life of a mom and wife!! love it Tina! I hope your day went a little better...xxoo, Dawn

dabrah said...

What a stressful start to the day. I hope it's improved since then.

Quinne said...

LOL, Tina! I know it wasn't so funny at the time, but what a cute story. I hope the afternoon and evening have been a little more peaceful :) Love, Q

daisy cottage said...

Thank you SO much for my sweet tags - (((hugs)))
I LOVED them - just loved them! That was so nice of you to think of me!They are each so pretty!

Thank you - THANK YOU!!!!!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Tina,

Quite a morning! Mine was a bit sad, since my older son and family were leaving, after being here for a week. But they will be back in the summer. Hope your chicken figured out the way to get back home! And the puppy got out before you needed to mop. LOL.

Have a wonderful Sunday!