Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Escape Artists... and more...

So..my oldest daughter has been away on Spring break spending time with my husband's parents..and that leaves me to take care of her pet chickens. (really our family chickens)

Of course the last few days that hasn't been too difficult as they have been good little girls and gone straight away into their coop come evening time...except for tonight.

When this evening we get a knock on the door and the neighbor man says "wanted to let you know your chickens are over here by mama's garage" and he starts laughing..haha.

Well..we have been trying to keep this from happening, but gosh darn it those chickens act like they want to have a social life too.

So..I shooed the gals back into the yard and wouldn't ya know they headed lickety split for the coop.

I did tell the neighbor that I was very sorry, and promised her some "farm fresh eggs" as soon as the gals start laying.

Hopefully that will smooth things over.
She honestly didn't seem to have a problem with it. But..a dozen eggs will help things out I'm sure.
Yep..I have some social chickens...ha.
(see the picture above and to the right?? this is a new antique picture I just got off of ebay..isn't it pretty? I love it.)
And..it has been cold here!

Last night saw temperatures drop down to about 31 here...brr. But this is typical.

We normally see a frosty couple of evenings right around Easter time..and this year was no different.

I had to make sure that the strawberry bed was covered with an old drapery, and made sure that the chicken coop was covered with an old comforter...and that the water spigots were set on a slow drip.

Certainly don't want to lose our strawberries as we have quite an abundance of berries on the plants right now.
it will be exciting to actually be able to harvest the berries soon.

(isn't the picture of the little boy adorable? that was another item I found this week/so pretty)
Recently bought some raspberry canes and hubby planted them.
We have 30 raspberry canes and 10 thornless blackberry canes as well. So far they are growing pretty good and putting out new leaves.

Will be so nice to have fresh raspberries and blackberries. We also purchased 2 blueberry trees.
Yum! can't wait until these items start producing.
I "was" feeling better with my kidney lately..and silly me..I went and cancelled the follow up appointment on Monday, and lo and behold if my kidney didn't want to start a tiny bit of aching this morning! Land sakes alive!
So..I quickly called the dr's office back and re scheduled. Sheesh.

So..hopefully we'll get this taken care of.

At least the pain is hardly noticeable this time around, but still..I just want things back to normal.

I keep on drinking the water all the time.

I honestly don't think I had enough antibiotic this last time to knock it out. I had read online that the typical treatment is about 2 weeks of antibiotic and I was only given a 3 day regimen. Anyhow..hopefully it will all get better real soon.

(found the above picture of the girl and collie to add to my decor. love it..I actually had a full size sable collie at one time/loved that dog/he was so smart/and the little girl in the picture..well she somehow reminds me of my little 3 yr. old mischeif maker...ha)
Treated myself to a few things to add to my decor this week. As I had mentioned in previous posts....I've been slowly redoing my decor and getting rid of the things that I no longer want to decorate with.... and slowly replacing them with antique images and various decor items that really are the style and look I want in my home.

So..this week I found a few fun things on ebay and etsy.
(have posted the images here on this post)
Some pretty plates that I'll use on the walls. And some pretty pictures.
Well..I do hope that everyone had a real nice Easter Holiday and that you are enjoying the Spring break.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
May you have a lovely evening!

~The Garden Goose~


Jeanie said...

Good morning! GREAT finds! I had a sable collie as a child, too -- Major! AND, I have that print as well. It's a favorite -- I wasn't spanked often (and I doubt it was really "spanking" -- probably more the fear factor!), but now and then I'd be turned over the knee -- until we got Major! He pitched such a fit that it never happened again! That print always reminds me of that!

I think your neighbor is the lucky one -- free eggs and she doesn't have to handle the birds!

Anonymous said...

THnx mum for taking care of MY chickens...as you know, they are MY chickens!

love those pictures! cant wait to see them...


Jeanie said...

Hi, Tina -- Stop by and enter my blog drawing for a "Bling Your Birdhouse" birdhouse!

Anonymous said...

I started reading Martha Stewart's blog and one thing led to another and I ended up here..Very interested in so many things you all are talking about. I especially wondered about the kidney. I had my right kidney removed 2004 because of cancer..have no one to chat about it.I am not a farm girl but I do garden a little now..I am 71 yrs old and had 8 children. Three of my sons have passed away.Can we talk a little. Hugs Jennie

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog here but I have my space..www.myspace.com/jenbry2

GardenGoose said...

feel free to email me through my profile here.glad you found my blog. nice to "meet" you.