Friday, March 7, 2008

Hello...seaglass..and more...

Hello friends...

so..this morning found me driving myself to the dr's office.."oh joy!..not"
I had a feeling that I "might" have a kidney infection..and yep..sure enough after that wonderful thing that somehow dr's think all women can do...(peeing in a cup on demand) yep..the results were.."you have an infection/I'll prescribe antibiotics"
So..yep..I feel lousy..but hopefully the meds will kick in soon and knock this bug out.
Well...I got a lovely surprise in my mailbox yesterday!! A gift from a blogging friend!
Deezie from
sent me a package of the prettiest Seaglass!! seems she finds this right on their beaches! I had never seen authentic seaglass/sea pottery before in my life...and this stuff is just so fascinating..and so pretty! Along with the seaglass was a darling "Greetings from the Seaside" card. I have put the glass and card in a small crystal bowl on my buffet in the dining pretty.
Thank you so much Deezie! I love it.
(*** so sorry to have posted wrong link earlier/have corrected it)
We had some excitement here today...

we have 2 chickens and 2 ducks that are allowed free range of our yard during the day.

Well..this afternoon we heard the female duck quacking and at first thought nothing of it, but oldest daughter decided to go check to see what was up..and lo and behold she saw a huge hawk take off from a tree at the edge of the yard..and her beloved chicken was missing..and...there was a pile of feathers in the yard.

Well..I did start choking up..and daughter was we collected some of the feathers thinking that "Henny Penny" was a goner.

When after a while daughter hears something in the hedges against the house...yep.."Henny Penny" was hovered up under the hedges as frightened as could be..with a bunch of under feathers missing off of her can't tell actally unless you know what she is supposed to look like on her neck area..that she is actually missing any feathers..but I declare..that poor chicken was just about shaking from fright..she was actually in a bit of shock..poor thing..but it had a good ending..she was o.k...yay!

Gave us a scare though.
We had alot of rain last much so that the low spot in our backyard has become a small "pond"..uggh. There is a low spot where the 3 yards all adjoin at the fence line..and when we have tons of last night where it rained all night long..for an easy 4 inches or so of rain..well..we wind up with a "pond"

Anyone have a canoe to spare?..ha

Actually the water table is way up lately as we recently had a day of 6 inches of rain and flooding in our area.
On another note..after the chicken excitement..daughter comes running in.."hurry mom..grab your camera..!!"
and looking overhead right when I get to the door..too late to get a good shot...was a flock of Canadian Geese flying over our house!! I actually have never ever seen Canadian Geese this far South..have never ever seen them in Florida before.(except at a zoo)Have seen them migrating up near Tennessee and Georgia, but never here in!
Went to Kmart to fill my prescription and brought home a new bedspread/quilt and some gerbera daisy plants..the gerberas are so pretty! I even found one in a lovely light peach color!
The thing about gerberas that they return year after year.
Oh! before I forget....
stop on by Jayedee's bog..over at:

She is having the neatest giveaway to celebrate Spring!

Here's what it is about:

I just love chickens! they give us meat and eggsto sustain our bodies, feathers for our heads to rest on after our labors, lovely poop for our compost and endless entertainment as we watch them go about the daily business of chicken living!in order to promote my favorite homestead animal, the CHICKEN,I've decided to offer a $25 gift certificate to my favorite hatchery,IDEAL POULTRY in cameron, texas!
That's all from my little neck of the woods this afternoon.

Thanks for joining me in "blogland"

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!

~The Garden Goose~


meg said...

Oh, my goodness! Miss Henny Penny is a very lucky lady~ so glad she survived the attack!
You have my sympathy with the infection- just finished my own round of antibiotics :-(
Last fall, we were at an evening concert at the Highland Games, when suddenly an entire flock of geese flew overhead; it was quite impressive, the large white wings against the dark blue twilight sky, honking a joyful chorus.

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) You have a wonderful weekend, too! And I hope that you will be feeling much better very soon.

Thanks for this delightful post - so much fun to read about the bits of your day :) Love to you, Q

deezie said...

Hi there,
Love your post by the way, oh I was so excited you put me in your blog but it was the wrong blog address:) mine is I think you mixed me up with someone else I think it was scrapbooking by the sea:) oh well, its okay everyone will go and check her out, We are having alot of rain too but I never mind
I hope you feel better Tina, a kidney infection seems painful. Take are of yourself

madrekarin said...

Hi, Tina! Hope you are on the mend soon!!
I hopped over and entered the chicken giveaway. My hubby was not too thrilled and has started chanting, "Don't ket her win. Don't let her win." hahahahaha I hope I do. :)
Take care, drink lots of water and take advantage of your illness to get some rest!!

jayedee said...

glad henny penny's story had a happy ending! wow!
how about all this wind and rain we're having? aside from having a lake of our own form in the front pasture.......this morning the wind peeled half the roof off of my chicken coop as neatly as a can opener! oye! and it's not even hurricane season!
take good care of YOU and feel better soon, k?

Ellie said...

Gosh, it's years since I collected sea glass of the beach it is so smooth and the colours are great. Used to have jars of it.

Must look for some more.


Kim McCabe said...

What a lovely little blog you have here! Thankyou for visiting my blog and for commenting! Who doesn't love blog comments?! And I'm so glad your chicken is okay. Growing up I had many pet chickens that I loved so dearly. When I married at 19 I of course moved out of my parent's home and couldn't take my lovely chicks with me. Unfortunatly my mum wasn't as good about bringing them in at night and they were all picked off one by one by a weasel. Chickens make such wonderful pets! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about your chicken, and the wonderful sea glass your friend sent you and all of the other interesting things you've been blogging about,

Kim McCabe