Sunday, March 9, 2008

Easter Gift Tags in Etsy Shop..starting to feel better..and more..

I created some vintage looking Easter gift tags for my etsy shop. These are so adorable, dervived from vintage greetings.

I currently have 6 sets in the shop and will add more in the next day or so.

I think they look absolutely adorable..and can be used for hanging on the Easter basket gifts, or on your seasonal tree, as scrapbooking embellishments..for collage/altered art..or to even create a mini garland with them.

I absolutely adore images from a long ago time as they really were rather charming and loaded with details.

Stop by and take a look at:
Well..I'm finally starting to feel a bit better...still ache a bit and kidney's kind of "itch" weird feeling, but a kind of "itch" inside..strange.

You feel like scratching your back, but there's nothing to scratch cause it's inside..ha.
Guess it's part of the healing process.
I slept, and slept..and slept last much so that when I finally toddled out to the hallway daughter says to me.."good afternoon mom"..and I was like "what??" She said "'s like 1:45!!!"
oh my word! i!yi!yi! I was totally out to the world I tell you! Good gracious! but honestly even though I slept that much..I still can tell my body is fighting this stuff and it takes time to heal.

Thanks for all the well wishes..really appreciate it.
I'm going to share with you all how to create the faux cupcakes.

Will write another post this evening so that if you wish to print it out you can simply do a "copy"/"paste" to your microsoft word or other program and be able to print out the instructions from your own computer.

It's really very simple and when you'll be like.." that's the secret!"..easy as pie..err umm..cupcakes..ha.
Well..I think we have decided to try and find new homes for our ducks..yes..although they are absolutely gorgeous creatures..very pretty to watch..the male has taken to being extremely protective of the female and has started to chase my oldest daughter around the yard..he doesn't come after me..but he does my daughter... and has landed a few hard blows/pecks to her arms and feet.So much so that she winds up with bruises that look like blood blisters..ouch.
Plus..with a new puppy now..taking care of the puppy plus 2 ducks and 2 sometimes a bit of a chore on really busy/hectic days when we have lots of errands to run.
I'll of course miss the beauty of them..but I guess in life you learn lessons..and although the ducks are gorgeous they don't contribute much to the household as the chickens will wind up doing with delivering eggs.
It is sort of a bittersweet kind of decision..but with my having gotten sick with this kidney infection and being laid up/not feeling good/not feeling like bending over or getting around much at all...I realized that it takes alot of time and effort to keep everything running smoothly..and sometimes you just have to simplify where you can/where you must.
So..the ducks will probably have to go.
We'll keep the chickens though as they'll actually provide for their keep.
So, I'll be placing an ad for them in the paper tomorrow.
It definitely was a fun learning experience though and those little quacker butts will always be remembered in my heart.
But life is always full of changes and decisions to be made.
Well..I better get that cupcake tutorial posted.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

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Jeanie said...

These tags are enchanting. I'll have to skip over to Etsy later and check it out!

Glad you are getting back to your old self. Hope the progress grows and grows!