Saturday, March 29, 2008

A better end to the day...

So..the day started with quite an adventure..but then hit more of a milder tone once I decided "o.k. ...that dad blamed chicken can do whatever it wants to"

Well..she wound up getting back onto the right side of the fence ,and later this afternoon she decided that she'd check out the abandoned duck cage..and in it she went..hubby was outdoors at the time so he shut the door. Hmmm..wonder who wound up coralling that chicken after all..hee hee.
Had a few household chores to get done this afternoon.

Then wound up getting the pretty girl with chickens picture in the mail,along with my new set of pretty melamine display plates.(shown in a previous post)
Had a little bit of leftover ham from Easter dinner, so I chopped a bit of that up, and made some cheesy mac and cheese, put it into casserole dish, added broccoli spears, sprinkled with italian bread crumbs and some parmesan cheese and baked for 18 minutes at 400 degrees. Yum..comfort food.

Gonna freeze the ham bone and use it in soup later.
Hubby bought 24 tomato plants yesterday, only 23 were any good though..and he got those all planted yesterday.

Also yesterday afternoon he re-tilled a large area of our backyard that will be used for flowers and veggies.
He raked that all out after he re-tilled it.

Then this afternoon he went and bought quite a few broccoli plants, crookneck squash,and some cucumber, and cayenne pepper plants.
He planted those in part of the area.

And I'll be getting out my seed stash in the next few days and sowing flower seeds in the remaining area.
I was given some neat cutter vintage linens by a farm girl over at Mary Jane's Farm..a few things like embroidered sets that were damaged a little..but I'll be using parts of them to create collages and other neat/fun things.
So..if any of you have old doilies and old linens that are a bit worn out,but areas are still useable.. and you no longer want them... I'd be delighted to give them a new home and to recycle them into something new and fun!

It's o.k. if the doily or tea towel or linen piece or hanky has a tiny tear or tiny long as parts of it can be cut up and used.

If you don't want them..I'd be happy to take them off your hands..and recycle them and give them a new life.
I can't wait to share pictures of the things I will be creating with them.
Well..I do hope that you all have a lovely day tomorrow, and a lovely week coming up.
Thanks so much for joining me in "blogland". I am so glad that you stopped by to visit!

~The Garden Goose~


MB said...

Tina, I enjoy your blog so much but I read and forget to comment. so i will. I used to have or still have around that fairy houses book. Isn't that so fun. I collect fairies though not so much any more. I guess i finally have enough. Although if I see a very special I may be tempted. I wish i could write stories like you do. they are in my head but don't translate to well from my brain to the paper. Anyway---happiness to you all. MaryBeth

GardenGoose said...

I'm thinking that I will create a few little fairy houses in the converted deck herbal/flower beds. I think that would be so cute/fun.
I'm going to have to find some wee fairies and some little houses to incorporate.
I have some fish gravel that I can create little river beds or walkways with through the plants for fun.
So glad you enjoy my blog.I have so much enjoyed having this blog.
I used to journal alot back when I was first married and got out of doing this has taken the place of keeping a journal for me now..I think it's alot funner because folks can actually comment.:0)
So glad when you stop by.

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait to see what you will be creating. It sounds like fun. I love old hand crocheted linens.

Glad that you got the tomatoes in the ground. We are getting our this week at our big "Tomato Mania" event. My husband has always started his from seeds until last year. We got such beautiful plants and so many great varieties last year. We'll have to comapre tomatoes as the summer progresses.

Chas said...

Hello friend!
I have not had a chance to stop by in so long and thought I would pop in to say hi! Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see what you come up with as far as your scraps and well loved items! :)
Have a beautiful day!

Lilla said...

Tina, how lovely are the photos.
I do enjoy them, you should make them into a jouirnal. Maybe you have.
aloha Lilla

Tara said...

you have been awfully busy, I love catching up with you!

Jeanie said...

You have been busy! I long for the day when I can plant tomato plants again! Soon, I hope!

I'll check the stash for anything that might work for you. Not sure what I have in the doily line, but I'll check! It would be nice to send things off to a good home (versus a good landfill.)