Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My new goodies for decor/and hey..what's my style??

So..I mentioned that I'm starting to lean towards more vintage goodies for decorating..and that I'd share some here goes.

I must tell you...I'm not sure what my style is at all..I love several different things..and even at nearly age 40..(eeks did I just say that..4-0! yep..It's true) ..I still do not know what my decorating style is..but..I've started just to sort of "go with the flow" and decorate with the things I love now. But I'd like to have a definable style though...for so long it has been hodge podge "Tina style"..ha ,but I'd like a style that actually can be somewhat defined...and has a name that "they" call it. So that I can learn what type of items match/go together the best with it...what type of accent items I can be on the look out for to pull a completed look together.
I'm thinking that over time I'll be clearing out things that I had.."just because"..and I'll be working on finding out just what my "style" is.'s some of the fun goodies I found to help decorate my walls.

So..hmm..based upon these images..what would you say my style leans towards? As I simply adore images like this.
And I also have a large image(below of the girl with water jug) in my living room in a large ornate frame over my sofa. I currently have dark wood panelling in my living/dining room area and want to paint the walls white.
So..what "style" is this type of thing called?
I should add that I have an aqua blue colored leather sofa.
Any ideas ladies?
Thanks.Any advice/insight is so much appreciated.
~The Garden Goose~
***p.s. thanks for all of the sign ups for the contest thus ...have enjoyed all of your comments..and enjoying seeing alot of "new faces" here visiting my blog. I hope that you all will become regular visitors. Drawing will be held Feb.8th.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
How pretty. I like your new style.

The Feathered Nest said...

Tina, I love the artist that painted the pretty girl with the water....his name is William Bouguereau...the name of your beautiful print is "Thirst". I love it! Here is the link to some of his work:

I just think at 40 we are finally figuring out what we truly are drawn to in decorating. Plus we appreciate the character of something older...ha! kind of like ourselves!...xxoo, Dawn

GardenGoose said...

LOL so true Dawn..that statement.."we appreciate the character of something older..kind of like ourselves" haha.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Hey Tina, Love the pictures. I too have no idea what my style is. I have a cottage look in one room, another primitive look, another french country, downhome country and in my laundry I have an swing-type washer. Just decorate with what you like. RoseMarie

Tammy said...

Hi...I'm new to your blog and enjoy it very much.

I've blogged almost two years now and had many different decors of my blog...I finally settled on the vintage look now and enjoy it very much. My house on the other hand is just a modge podge of my tastes (mostly country). I love the white paneled and pink and aqua rose colors of what they call "shabby chic" but I can't pull it off with an alpha male living in my home...LOL!

Come visit with me at my blog when you can.

Donna said...

Hi Tina,
Just reading about your "style". If you paint the paneled walls white and you have an aqua blue sofa, maybe you could go with some shabby chic vintage style with the three top pictures you have. Play around with it, it's really whatever makes you happy!

Jeanie said...

These are awfully pretty, Tina. I love "visiting" your space and learning more about the things you like!