Friday, February 22, 2008

Leap Year Day Drawing number 1...

In celebration
of the upcoming
Leap Year Day..
which consequently
is also my son's birthday.
I will be hostessing a
couple of drawings on my blog.
The first drawing is for a set
of 7 mini pink faux cupcakes.

Please leave a link back to the contest on your blog..and a comment.
That's all..easy.
But in order to be elgible I do ask that you please put a link back to my blog about the contest/drawing on your must have a blog/way to contact you left in the comment section please.
Drawing to be held Leap Year Day/evening.

~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

I would like to be in the drawing but I don't know how to leave a link. What is the matter with me? email me and tell me how if you won't to. MB

deezie said...

I would really love to do the link thingy but I have no idea on how to I am new at this. I will think on it and try okay:)
love the cupcakes

Autumn said...

Oh put my name in!!! These would be adorable at my daughters wedding!!! Her wedding cake is going to be a cupcake tower.
They are adorable!

GardenGoose said...

To add a link to your blog simply type in my blog address when you are writing an entry on your blog..most of the time the web addresses will auto link. hope this helps. or you can do a copy/paste of my web blog address by highlighting the web address and copy/paste into your blogging entry type.
hope I explained this well.

pumpkin seed said...

I looove these! What a cute idea! I can't even tell what they're made of because they look so real!!! Put my name in
the hat PLEASE! And I will add your link to my blog page! Thanks!

Gayla said...

This sounds like fun.. I will leave you a link on Oatmeal and Whimsy... Have a great weekend.. Please enter me in this delish- contest!

Jeri said...

Oh My, do add my name to the drawing - these are right up my alley with ZERO calories in them -lol. They are adorable!

paru's_circle said...

lovely.. and zero calories.. i would love to be in this giveaway since i wont gain any weight ;-) i put your giveaway up on my blog!

Becky K. said...

Oh, my friend Alicia would love these so much...I'll put a link on so she can see them.
Enter me too, please.
Thanks for entering at Hospitality Lane!
Becky K.

Ellie said...

Would love to be in the draw. Like Dee not sure how to do the linky thing (any info gratefully followed) However I do know how to put your url on my site and the pic so people can get back to it.

This is so lovely. Faux cupcakes are a newy on me. Won't I have fun with my family!!!

No calorie cup cakes.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Ellie said...

Thank you Garden goose. I've been doing that so I've been doing the linky thing without knowing I was doing it!! Go figure.


Ellie said...

Hello again.Sorry to take up so much time (and space) but I am so chuffed!
I even got the picture of the cupcake on the blog

I am moving into this century despite what my children think. (nearly 60)


Jennifer said...

Hey would love to be entered!! Enjoyed your blog

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love your faux cupcakes. I'm new to this linky thing but I will give it a try.


dabrah said...

Yes please! I would love to win those calorie free cupcakes. Check out my blog in a few days for news about my upcoming 100th blog giveaway.

Alpicks Treasures said...

PLease add me name to your drawing. Thats really nice of you to hold them, it gives us girls something to look forward to.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love the cupcakes and would love to enter your Leap Year Give-away. I will put a link in my next post. Please say Happy Birthday to your son for me and give that sweet new puppy a hug for me. My son's name is Collin. :)

PEA said...

Oh how gorgeous this faux cupcake is:-) Please enter my name in your draw...I will link your contest on my blog tomorrow morning!! xo

Mary said...

Please enter my name in the draw. These are so pretty. I will add a link to your blog.