Friday, February 15, 2008

I won! yay!..and thank you!...and more...

I recently participated in the "One World/One Heart" blogland give away event..there were over 400 blogs involved in this large event to bring bloggers from round the world together.

Lots of prizes/drawings going on.
Yes..I entered a few of the drawings and ...I actually won a few wonderful surprises!
I cannot wait until the mail comes in now.

A special thank you to the following gals:

I actually won a purse from Lilla Le Vine!!! at: "Just Lilla"
I am so very excited to have been chosen by this wonderful textile artist to own one of her lovely purses. Lilla's artwork is known throughout Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia..and has also been featured in the Galleries of Houston, the famous Fairfield wearable art show, a touring exhibit in Japan and Switzerland. ..among others. What an honor to own one of her artworks. Oooh I'm so excited for the mailman to deliver this lovely item!Thank you Lilla!
I also won a wonderful art box creation from Jeanie!! at: "The Marmelade Gypsy"
the box is simply beautiful and ..she hasn't let on what is ..inside the box..oooh I love surprises. The box is a bronze color with other embellishments on it to symbolize the sky, moon, stars. Very pretty!Oooh what fun! It certainly looked lovely in the pictures and I can't wait to see it in person.So much talent in blogland. I'm really honored to have won.
Thank you Jeanie!
I also won a darling Dotee doll from Grace!! at: "Grace Beading"
The doll is made by Grace and is so very darling and oh so cheerful. She painted the cutest butterfly on it and lots of bright colors..and it has the cutest little red shoes! Oooh fun!fun!
I can't wait to see it in person.Really honored to have won a lovely art doll.
Thank you Grace!
Today I spent part of the day working in the yard with oldest daughter..we worked on creating 2 raised beds to which we added cow compost and soil to. We'll be planting seeds for our garden into those soon. I'm going to try and plant by the moon phases according to the almanac that I picked up from the feed store this week.

I bought some nice big strawberry plants to add to our strawberry bed(a large 8 ft long raised bed strictly devoted to strawberries..yay!

I also picked up some broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower plants at the feed store the other day as well.

Then I also dumped a container of earth worms into the soon to be herb kitchen garden by the back patio.

We ripped out the old deck ,and some of the wood from the deck to create a raised bed garden area in the spot where the deck used to be.It wound up making 4 mini raised bed areas with a small mulched and round stone path through the middle of it directly off of the patio. We left the deck railing up to be able to set pots of small plants on the railing or to eventually set window boxes on.

I'll use that area for herbs like basil,oregano,lemon thyme and so forth..and may add a bit of cheer with a few marigolds here and there..and maybe even a garden gnome tucked in there somewhere..ha.
Well..that all the news here today...
May you all have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose


Tammy said...

My Grandpa used to plant by the Almanac...funny but his veggies always tasted the best *smile*

I can't wait to see your stawberries, I hope you share pictures.

Herb gardens seem to be the theme lately, my best friend is opening a herb greenhouse this spring, I may help her out some!

Have a great day!

Jeanie said...

You're most welcome! I have posted a link to your blog on mine! Hope you'll stop back and visit often! You were lucky! I was, too (not quite as lucky in quantity but no arguments as to the lovely quality!) Isn't this fun?

The Feathered Nest said...

Yaaaaaaay!! I'm so glad that you won such wonderful goodies....and your raised beds sound so neat. I would love to have herbs growing just outside the door. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xxoo, Dawn

dabrah said...

I've never heard of planting by the phases of the moon. I must look into this. I have a raised vegetable garden, and I've have some strawberry plants which breed like crazy, so every couple of years I dig them all up, and set a few tidy rows of mixed new and old plants down again. Then I take all the bare rooted plants (usually at least ten times as many as I've replanted) and leave them outside the village store with a sign saying 'Free, please help yourself'. It usually takes about one day for them all to get adopted by customers visiting the shop.
Your idea for a raised herb bed sounds good. I might copy you. I currently have them in one of those pots with different openings at various levels. It's fine, but if I'm not careful it can get dry, and in winter it takes quite a bit of punishment. Mostly I have pot planted herbs on my kitchen window ledge.

Renie Burghardt said...

Congratulations on winning all those lovely goodies, Tina!

Our gardening season is still about a a couple of weeks away for early stuff like lettuce and spinach, etc. Although I no longer put out a large garden, I still enjoy playing in the dirt a little. And fresh lettuce from the garden is a great reward for doing it!

Have a nice evening, Tina!