Sunday, February 3, 2008

In a decorating craze...

O.k...I'm in a real decorating phase here lately. I got bored...really bored with how my house decor just wasn't saying "me" anymore.

And I started realizing that there are new things that I absolutely adore..and alot of things that I had simply put in my house ..for who knows what's still a mystery to me..that just wasn't "me".

So..I'm on a bent now..redecorating/rearranging my wall decor/and some of my other decor..and having fun in the process.
I truly love the colors and designs I see over at Daisy Cottage..and really want to add that type of cheer and color to my home. Copy it obtain a bit of inspiration/and personalize it to my own bet!
I made myself some really cheery wall floral baskets yesterday and I love the cheer they add to the room.
Yes, I'll post photos real soon.

So..that's what I'm up to today.
I'm now on the look out for vintage red and white and bright sunshiney yellow items!(and hey..if you ever have any red and white and bright yellow items you no longer want/need..give me a holler..I might be willing to take them off your hands..grins)

Oooh la-la!
Hope you all have a lovely day. And may your ball team win the Super Bowl..ha.
I've noticed that alot of folks are going to the Super Bowl parties and staying in to watch the game today.
Have a lovely evening!
~The Garden Goose~


Tracy said...

I love red and yellow too. That's my kitchen!

Devonia said...

Red and Yellow?!?! Goes to prove that there are many shades of shabby.... Can't wait to see your changes.

Donna said...

Red and yellow, great colors! I have them all over my house. Happy decorating!

Dee Light said...

It's always fun to make fresh changes to your home!

Alpicks Treasures said...

Its always good to get into that kind of mood. Have fun and nice colors.

BClark said...

I am so itching to do thing around the house but have to restrain myself. As we are going to do the blown in insulation and have to replace ceilings etc would be a waste of time. When it's done, watch out world I will be on a tear. I love yellow and have a shade all picked out for our house, will finally be rid of the lime sherbert color!! I also like the yellow and shades of blue and greens. The planning is lots of fun.

Oh, I put the link up for your blog about the contest. Have a super day, week, month, Barbara

Ann Marie Newman said...

Hhhmmm...sounds like you're having spring fever a little early. It is fun to change our surroundings to reflect where we are in life.

I was reading back on the blogs (got a little behind) and was surprised to discover you and Paul are only a day apart in age. How amazing & cool. I hope to have more time to look over your latest issue of the magazine this weekend. I've been busy prepping for a conference I'm presenting at in LA this Thursday & Friday. I hope to post pics on my blog when I get back in town. I look forward to your decorating photos.

RoxanneLourcey said...

Red and yellow are two of my favorite colors! The main living areas of our new home are shades of yellow and the dining room is red... Have fun with the redecorating and maybe I can get over there sometime and see it!

GardenGoose said... stinker! you found me! LOL hey girlfriend!