Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Added new items to Etsy shop..and more...

I've added a few fun items to my Etsy shop today.

Some darling faux cupcakes in a cheery lemon color...and some adorable Hoppy bunnies! (just in time for Easter!
First up are the Faux cupcakes:I call them "Lemon Delight" they remind me of sunshine and pink lemonade days.
So cute for adding a touch of whimsy to your Shabby Chic/CXottage decor. These are so fun to display on a pretty cakestand with a doily, or on a cute cina plate. ..lots of fun.
Then next up are these darling Hoppy Bunny decorations!

Just in time for Easter! A darling Hoppy bunny. Ready to leap into your shabby chic/cottage decor.Add a touch of whimsy to your Easter decorations. Fun on a mantle area with ivy topiaries as an accent...or anywhere you wish to add a touch of fun and whimsy.These little bunny rabbits are made from a darling Easter egg print fabric and embellished with a bright cheery pink ribbon bow,and button eye. Each one has a different Easter tag derived from a replica of a Vintage Easter Greeting!
Available in my Etsy shop at:
The last 2 days(prior to today that is) have seen me climbing a ladder nearly all day long, both I have been "finally" painting my son's bedroom. The last two days saw me tackling the ceiling!
Oh my! My poor arms/shoulders and legs were sore from the overhead holding of the paint roller to the up and down climbing of the ladder..but..ah ha!! at least the ceiling is a nice crisp white color was amazing..the old color "looked" white at first..but when I started applying the new crisp white paint..the old white actually looked like had been many years since it had been freshened up with paint..and wow! what a difference!
I took the day off from painting today though to give my aching muscles a break..and then I'll begin the actual wall painting.
The room will be a pale baby blue color..real pale pastel/sky blue color.
I went to Hobby Lobby this afternoon and got some more flowers to redo my floral arrangements in my living room.

And...they had some really nice upholstery/drapery /home decor type fabrics in the real extra long rolls super cheap/blow out prices! Can we say "woohoo!"

I found some awesome fabrics that were normally $16.99 a just $2 and $4 a yard.

Yep!..I wracked up....because....I actually have big plans to do some major redecorating in my house...but...on the cheap..ha.
Pretty does NOT have to be expensive!
I will have to take photos of some of the things I have started doing so far in my home.
After I finish painting my son's husband mentioned that next I ned to tackle the living room walls and the kitchen's on the agenda.
Now...about the garden....

My sugar and snow peas have started sprouting and are about 2 inches high now..hopefully they will survive this sudden cold snap we are having this evening..with temperatures dipping down..supposed to anyhow 29 tonight.

We now have some wee tiny starts of broccoli,oregano,spinach,mesclun,romaine popping up too. Hopefully these things will do well through this wee cold snap. If not..I'll have to start all over again..but I do have plenty of seeds .
I have many more items to get planted. Still have a large area that has been get the wee bits of debris raked out and some compost raked in..and to plant lots of flower seeds into.
It shall get done.
Well,I'm off now to complete the remaining 5 Hoppy Bunnies that I'll have available in the etsy shop....and to create my new floral arrangements for my living room.
Wishing you all a lovely evening!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"

~The Garden Goose~


Tracy said...

Love those cupcakes!

flyingstars said...

Nice additions to your etsy shop...lovely & have a wonderful time!

deezie said...

Love the lemon cupcake, love the bunny and love the flower:)
You are like me with the painting I do most of the painting around here. We are have a new room added on downstairs and that room will be baby blue also, just like your son, love that color
Oh and the garden, I wish we had some things in the garden, its so so cold here still, but you know what I think I can start my seeds soon, its almost March 1st, yup I can I can:)
happy day

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love the Hoppy a cute name. I am not jealous of your paint job but I am jealous that you have Spring veggies coming up. I just ordered some large planters for my deck to plant the Spring spinach in. Hope they come soon. The deer eat up everything that is planted in the yard so my veggies are going on the deck this year. ~ Lynn

Lisa said...

I love the cupcakes and was just lucky to stumble on your delightful blog today. I had to comment though about the garden, I AM TOTALLY jealous!! I am completely over this whole winter and am dying to be able to plant, play in the dirt, anything except shovel snow!
I enjoyed you blog, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi such cute bunnies. You are one
busy bee. Things look so nice thouh when your done and what a
great feeling of accomplishment !!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
Really cute things. I have been busy getting ready for my estate sale on Sat. I will be so happy when it over and this stuff is gone. :) My lettuce is doing well.

Mary said...

Love the cupcakes and the fabric bunny. These are very nice additions to your shop, which I will have to visit tonight when I get home and my busy day is over.

Thanks for sharing.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Those cupcakes look so real, very cute!!

Ann Marie Newman said...

Lily said that it's Ian's birthday today. He is a leap year baby? I had forgotten then if this is true. Does this make Ian 8 years old!!! Wow, time flies. Hope you are all having a fun filled day! Happy Birthday Ian!!! Oh, and did you get his room done with the new paint & all?

We are on hold with house hunting. Jeff has been offered the opportunity to switch careers and go into medical supply sales. He is thinking about it, but it throws a wrench in our plans on many fronts.

I teach at the museum this month for spring break...I have planned a very challenging schedule. If it works - it'll be a grand time for the kids and their families. I have been busy fine tuning my lesson plans and learning new stories. This year I am scheduled with storytelling programs all the way through November. There are even two out of state locations. Can't believe how fast this is all happening, must say its very exciting yet nerve wracking too.

I need to update my blog - you are far better at this blog business than I.

Mmmm...your lemon cupcake looks good, wish I had one for a snack right about now. NO such luck though. I shall go scavenging in the pantry and see if I can find something, anything sweet. Bye for now...

She sure is strange! said...

You painted the ceiling??? You GO!! I just finished painting my girls' room in a beautiful sky blue, it turned out sooooo nice. Their ceiling is that popcorn stuff so I'm hesitant to try and paint it. What texture did you have to work with and how did it go?


Dee Light said...

That cupcake is just too cute!! And what a loveable bunny.