Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thrifty Gal...and Garden Day...

Well..yesterday morning we loaded up the whole crew and went around to a few garage sales. There weren't very many out there this past weekend, but..we did have a good time and found a few good bargains none the less. I always like a good deal..and enjoy the hunt.:0)

*I managed to find quite a few name brand little boys shirts for my son....for just 25 cents each, and in really good shape too!
So I got a $5 bag full for him.
I don't think he'll run out of shirts anytime soon.

* Then I found a set of Time/Life"Encyclopedia of Collectibes" it tells about all different types of collectibles from Fruit Crate Labels to Spoons and everything in between. Very interesting.
Got the set of 10 for $5

* Then I found a 1934 Cookbook called "The Official Cookbook of the Hay System" which is basically a cookbook geared towards natural foods. I paid only 50 cents for it.
I found it interesting that even in 1934 there was the concern about additives and so forth taking away from the quality of the foods.
A very interesting book actually, full of good recipes.

* I also found a 1969 Horseman's Riding and Training manual..which they tossed in for free.

* A 1968 edition of Reader's Digest "Complete Book of the Garden" for 50 cents.

* I also found a 1972 Norman Rockwell framed print called "The Runaway" for 50 cents.

* One of my best finds though was a large kennel style cage..made of steel...with the tray in the bottom..
for $30.
I later found the same type listed on Ebay for $89.99 with $41.00 shipping! The man told me that he had seen it for about $100 on ebay.He was right too! So, it will be used to house our banty hens come Springtime.
My husband will be glad that he will not have to build a cage for the critters. We'll only need to make them a portable run to move around the yard.
Today..Sunday afternoon...
My daughter and I worked for quite a while on the new flower bed today...

We had about 8 rose bushes that were transplanted into the new bed, with 2 hibiscus plants, and a large clump of iris, and a miniature azalea bush, and about 5 agapanthus plants.

Things are starting to shape up, but we have about 8 more rose plants or so to incorporate into the garden, and then to begin mulching.But it's shaping up and looking good.

Then it will be on to ripping up that decking ..But there's no big hurry...just as long as it's ready for our Spring planting..which I'm sure it will be.
Oh, and it's always so fun to have my little "waddle butt" friend "Daffy" the Duck waddling along beside us as we do our chores. He's so funny and sweet, and just loves tagging along behind me.
My mom tells me that I don't need a dog when I have that crazy duck. I think she's right..ha. He's one spoilt little quacker...ha.
(the image is of "Daffy" as a baby)
Here's wishing you all a very lovely week.
~The Garden Goose~


Mary Isabella said...

Such a cute Goose. Have a good week . Mary

Inspired Tokens said...

Sounds like you found lots of goodies on your garage sale hunting. And, I love the goose! How cute is that?