Monday, October 22, 2007

Flower Bed Project Phase 2

Well..I mentioned that I would share photos of step 2 in the large flower bed project that we are doing(oldest daughter and I)

and here they are.
We planted some salvia and another type of plant behind the birdbath(the name of which escapes me at the moment) but it has pretty tiny yellow flowers all over it.
We also moved all of the mums from out along the front walkway(where they were being forgotten and were sort of a hodge podge and few and far between along the walkway) ..anyhow we added them to the larger mums that I had gotten a few weeks ago..planted them all together in a cluster in the new flower bed..
they'll have a chance to finally be noticed and a chance to shine.
We also planted some five finger plant and some spider lilies.
The flower bed will also have all of our roses incorporated into it, and will be mulched before it is completed. We have a quite a few other plants besides about half a dozen rose bushes to get planted in there.
I figure about another week and we may be done with it. If the weather holds out that is.
Looking out the back French doors off of our living room I can see this pretty "garden in the making" ....and this afternoon I saw several doves and a beautiful male cardinal up under the little maple tree, and I thought to myself "I should have done something like this a long time ago" as it certainly looks cheerful from the back door.
I've been working on creating some pretty Victorian style ornaments for a Christmas themed swap being held over at Mary Jane's Farm..10 of us signed up to swap goodies, and we all have to make 10 of the same type of item and ship them to one hostess..who then divvies up the goods so that everyone gets 10 different fun items.
Anyhow..the ornaments I am making are very easy.
I had my husband make some heart shaped vinyl decals to stick onto wooden heart cutouts. The decals have a darling Victorian girl with a wreath of roses on her head. Then I am making lace rosettes and hot gluing the hearts to that..and embellishing with ribbon bows and a ribbon hanger.
They are turning out very pretty so far.
(I would post a picture, but some of the gals in the swap might see and it would ruin the I've already pretty much told what they are..I still want it to have a wee bit of an element of "surprise" though)..will post a photo later though.
Of course if you wish to create more of a "country Christmas" can simply paint wooden hearts to look like a "crazy quilt" then create your lace rosette. Quite a few variations that can be done.
Well...that's about all for this evening. Hope that you all had a great day!
~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

Your garden is looking great. It is getting time to put ours to 'bed' for the winter, although I leave everything as long as it blooming. Good luck on the swap. MB

Beverly said...

Quite lovely. Tina Michelle....our gardening days are finished for the next 6 months. Boo Hoo!!!

Katie said...

The garden is coming along nicely, Tina. Massing the mums together really gives a color-pop, doesn't it? The spider lily is lovely. Is it a bulb you can leave in the ground year-round? Here we'd have to dig them up in the fall. I've tried something similar, I think -- Peruvian daffodil it was called. Very exotic and fragrant.

I'm still putting in tulips, daffodils, fritillaria, etc., but soon will be putting the garden to bed for the winter. Have fun gardening down there!

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) It is a joy to read about and see your garden project, as our gardens have ended as well. Everything looks so pretty!

We are enjoying the fall bouquets of gorgeous color in the trees! The rains have brough about a startling and magnificent change in the scenery here :) Love to you! Q

Linda said...

Very pretty and I like the birdbath too. Linda

Val said...

Seeing birds like that from my back window is one of those things that can keep me going on a bad day. What a beautiful little world you are making!


JANET said...

Very pretty flower garden. It's so nice to be able to look out the window or doorway and see splashes of color in the fall and winter. I am in the process of planting pansies out front, but I'm gonna bet the deer eat them!

Tracy said...

I made your aplle fritters recipe tonight, and it blew my family away. Would you mind if I shared it on my blog? Of course I'll give you credit and a link.

Renie Burghardt said...

Your flower bed project is looking lovely. I enjoyed reading your entries.