Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flower Bed Project day...

We(oldest daughter and I) worked on getting a few plants planted in the new large flower bed today. We planted some spider lilies..these look alot like amaryllis bulbs. ..with lots of lush greenery. Then we planted lots of chrysanthemums in yellows, pinks, purples and lots of white.

We also planted some red salvia.
I'll have to take photos of the progress ..hopefully tomorrow after
I get my housework done. We have lots more plants to get moved and put into the flowerbed, but it is already starting to look pretty.
We did have some rain again we had to cut our yard work time short.
Yesterday oldest daughter and I went shopping a little bit. We had to stop by the Visual Arts Center to pick up our photo entries, then afterwards we stopped off at Joann's fabrics. I picked up some felt that was on sale to create a penny rug.(no..I didn't get the wool felt..I opted for the kind that was on sale for $2.99 a yard..ahh will still be pretty, just won't have cost me as much) I'm thinking that I may use parts of the pattern elements to create an applique design on a muslin valance in my kitchen...we'll see.
Here is the book I am using:
After we stopped at Joann's we went to a little country store boutique..and I found the cutest flour sack towels with chickens on them.They look like old feed sacks. Cute!cute!
Then we walked around Hobby Lobby for a good while. There was plenty I could have gotten, but I only spent $5.98 there. On the yummiest smelling simmering potpourri. I guess it didn't help that we both were hungry for lunch and proceeded to walk around half of the store smelling this bag of potpourri every few minutes and exclaiming.."ooh that just smells so yummy"
It was a delightful blend of orange and cranberry spice with a hint of cinnamon. ooh!
Well..that's all for today..
I hope that you all have had a very nice weekend.
~The Garden Goose


Mary Isabella said...

I love spider lillies. They are such a beautiful flower. mary

Anonymous said...

I read where if you want your
bulb to multiply you make four slits in them before planting .
I must confiscate one of your spider lily bulbs.
Can`t wait to see the garden

GardenGoose said... can have one when you come to visit..LOL in fact one of them had sent up a baby plantlet. I may be begging folks to take them if they become too prolific.

Patty said...

Spider lillies are so pretty...I have yet to grow any but you have inspired me to try.
Oh I just love Hobby Lobby, had to go there last week, it was such a chore : )

Inspired Tokens said...

I love the flowers. I'm trying to get bulbs planted so I'll have a feast for my eyes this spring. Hope you post pictures of your completed penny rug. I'm working on one for fall, hope to get it done to enjoy it before Christmas!

Linda said...

Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading earlier post. I want to try the Mexi-Burrito Pie, easy to put together but sounds so yummy. Your garden will be beautiful when in full bloom. I plan visit often..Linda