Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Blog Links Added...and more...

If you notice on the left hand side of my blog..I have added a section titled "Shabby Chic/Cottage Style/Tea Time and other blogs"

This is where I have listed many of the blogs that were a part of the recent "Make Mine Pink" Blogland Tea Party that I participated in.

Some of these blogs highlight products that the blog owners have created that fit into the "shabby chic" or cottage style" decorating themes..others are tea related, or simply just pretty cottage living type sites.
I hope that you'll enjoy them.
The taping off of the kids bedroom has begun this evening in preparation for the process is underway.
We had much cooler weather today and I'm looking forward to the days when I can totally open up the windows and enjoy a crisp Autumn wind breezing through the house.
I hope that you all have a lovely evening!
Thank you for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Katie said...

Beautiful white flowers, Tina! I love your recent postings -- so informative. I may have to check out the winter garden site; I need to spell out my name in pretty letters; I even may look at worms! My son and I tried worm composting when he was young. I must say we did OK for a while, and then we moved all the worms into the garden. Sometimes I think I should try again. (He's 23 now and less interested in worms!)

Melissa said...

Thank you for listing me in your blogroll. It's great to make new friends!
I have returned the favor.

Dianne said...

Thank you for listing my site too in your blogroll, I need to update my own blog with more links to wonderful sites like yours! Oh, and your prize is on it's way (finally) - I had to work two jobs for the past two weeks and that overwhelmed me terribly, but I'm getting caught up now (dare I say that?!!) XO
Dianne, Mama's Pocketbook

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the white flowers.