Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Having fun....

Found this cool tool on another can type in your name or a phrase and the phrase is created by pictures with those letters in them from the flickr photo website.

T Letters 449 N A
here is the link so that you can have your own fun too:
Well... today I wanted to share with you a little about worms:
I found this cute little website for kids that teach about worms and worm anatomy, etc. it is called "The Adventures of Herman the Worm"
We are learning about worms this week, and will probably go to a bait shop to purchase some and release them into our garden beds.I'll be using this little computer program to help the program along this week.-------------------------

I also came across this website that lists plants that you can incorporate into your garden to create an "alphabetical zoo"/ ABC themed garden :

Anyhow..I wanted to share a few "fun" things with you all today!
Have fun!

~The Garden Goose~


Flea Market Queen said...

Thanks for the websites...
I will have to go take a peek!

jayedee said...

very cool website! i swiped the link, yanno! lol
but i linked to your blog too!