Saturday, October 20, 2007

A pretty day...

After 3 days of dreary,overcast skies with lots of rain nearly non stop...the sun is finally out and everything looks so pretty...there is now a slight chill in the air, as is usual here after a rain in the Fall time/winter time of the year. It is expected ..if you know how the weather here expect colder days after a rain. Today is no exception. I honestly think the rain finally ushered in what we had been waiting for a while..Fall weather at last!



The leaves had a wonderful frolic.

They danced to the wind's loud song.

They whirled, and they floated, and scampered.

They circled and flew along.
The moon saw the little leaves dancing.

Each looked like a small brown bird.

The man in the moon smiled and listened,

And this is the song he heard.
The North Wind is calling, is calling,

And we must whirl round and round,

And then, when our dancing is ended,

We'll make a warm quilt for the ground.
The photo contest show has now ended at our Visual Arts Center..and today we have to go pick up our photos.
I'm thinking that I may stop by Joanne's fabrics while out and about.
Oldest daughter recently bought me a copy of a book on making "Penny Rugs"..and I'm eager to get started on one.
Oh..and good news!! I am back to posting images on a fun photo website that I have been a member of for a while: . So good to be back to the photography posting to recieve critique and comments.
Here's wishing you all a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) We are enjoying cooler fall weather here, too, and had a little rain on Friday (hooray!). I liked the fall poem. Love to you! Q

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Ya'll must getting the rain that passed through here. We had some storms but nothing to serious. The temps have dropped just a little but not much. Can't wait to see your penny-rug. I can remember my Grandmother making them. Really like the poem. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

JANET said...

Love the leaf poem!
We are finally supposed to get a really good rain Mon-Wed. beginning late tonight. Then, it will be fall! The temps will cool off after that front comes through.