Friday, May 23, 2008

Yikes..I've been MIA...

Gosh seems that I have indeed been missing in action for a week. So sorry! Yes I have been busy.

Our family has recently made a monumental decision to move forward with trying to relocate.(this time with a definite goal/month in mind on getting the house on the market) such that means that I will be busy with getting our home market ready.

Been cleaning out the hallway bathroom and sanding the cabinets and trim in there getting it ready for a fresh coat of paint, and also took some time to clean up/out the hallway linen closet. Next on the list after painting the bathroom will be tackling the kitchen and doing a complete clean out there.And freshening the wall paint and trim in that room then onward to more areas that need our attention.

Plus..I have to help get the next issue of "Small Town Living" ready..a few articles to get written and so forth.

Always something to do/get done.

I have missed you all..and I hope that you have missed me too.:0)
I did have to change out one of the images for the giveaway as I had someone begging to own one of them and unbeknownst to me they had had it in their etsy shopping cart for a while wanting to purchase it..and I did not know they wrote me begging to be able to own hope that you all do not mind that I have replaced the image with an equally charming one..this one of 2 sisters reading.

My apologies about doing the little switcheroo..I agonized over how to handle that one... so in any case..I hope you all still look forward to the selection that is still available though for the giveaway.

I am so very excited about the upcoming changes for our family. So excited that this will put us closer to both of our families, as for so long I have lived 500 miles away from what is left of my family..and this upcoming change will make it only about 150 miles away from them and..right in the same town as my inlaws.

So..we are all excited.

I have been in contact with a home school support group in the new area...and have been receiving nice emails from a few folks there.

Plus..I am looking forward to starting/being a part of a farm girl chapter. I was contacted by a farm girl in the hopefully together she and I can grow a nice sized farm girl chapter in the area for gals that like to grow their own food and raise chickens and so we can get together and learn and of course gab about stuff like that.

So..anyhow..there's some change in the air and we are looking forward to it.
I am so looking forward to meeting and making new friends as are my kids.
Also I am looking forward to being able to grow my photography business there.

Well..gals..I'm off to go paint bathroom trim.
Ta-Ta for now.
Hugs and thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Good luck with getting everything ready so you can move,I know it can be very hard work. Thanks for stopping by and entering my drawing, and Good Luck!


Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) Wow! You have an adventure on your hands! I will pray with you for these days and weeks. Love, Q

Tara said...


So nice for you, being close to family is so nice and 150 miles isn't much of a distance!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

So....does this mean you are moving to Alabama?!!! If it does,WOO-HOO. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend

meg said...

How exciting~ I'm certain you will get thru all the detail quickly & smoothly.

Jeanie said...

Good grief -- when you're gone a few days, you miss everything! I should have caught up reading from the bottom up! I can't believe how busy you are. But your farmgirl plans sound very cool. Aren't monthly mag deadlines a pain? It's amazing how quickly it flies before press time!