Sunday, May 4, 2008


So this evening I head back to the master bedroom to go fold the couple of baskets of laundry that had been waiting for me..and I step onto the large floral rug that we have at the foot of our bed ....

and my foot squishes into water.

Not thinking anything except for"oh no..H------ must have peed the floor and didn't tell mommy she didn't make it to the potty"

Oh now that would have been a much better scenario...but...then I took another step..and squish!

and then looked around...
standing water an inch deep in nearly all of my master bedroom!

I run to the master bathroom and see that the commode is full and water is spilling out everywhere!

I quickly turn off the water tap and start hollering.

And then I just start sobbing...and sobbing.

The entire bedroom is nearly flooded.

Large antique wardrobe has to be propped up on blocks. Things under the bed have to quickly be moved out from under the bed and wiped down.
And every single towel in the house gets put to use.
Oh dear gracious!

I am usually one to keep it all together..but for some reason I just stood there and sobbed and sobbed almost to the point of not being able to catch my breath..and then I pulled myself together..and got to work.

I've been the one that always keeps it together..when things go on around here...when there are emergency room visits unexpectedly..I'm the one that keeps the level head and all that...but why..oh why? did I not keep it together when my bedroom got flooded tonight?

Who knows? Guess even those of us that have to keep it together for those around us..have a moment when "the straw breaks the camel's back". Tonight was my turn.

But....the floors got mopped..just not the way I wanted them to..ha.

We got everything dry and the wardrobe is up on blocks and we towel dried everything.

Not too much damage at all thank goodness.I am so glad that we had a huge 6 ft by 8 ft. area rug in our room at the foort of the bed that wicked up quite alot of the water.
I am so glad that because of the rug there was no water to speak of near my walls. So no damage near any of those.Thank goodness!

We opened all the windows .

What had happened was the commode got a little clog , but..the chain mechanism in the commode was broken and when the tank would fill the sensor wasn't registering it was full so it kept running and running.


Hubby replaced the mechanism and the little clog was gone.

Luckily we all worked very fast and there is no damage to the floors and walls at all.Thank goodness!

My bed is piled with everything that was on the floors around the room and up under the bed. I'm tired and I think it will be a recliner night as I'll just have to tackle the bedroom tomorrow on setting things right again.
So how was your evening?
~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you. I came home from work at noon one day and found the entire downstairs of my house with six inches of water and two very old dogs standing in it!!!! A washer hose had broken. Fortunately, our adult son was with me and as he handed me a broom said,"Mom, get hold of yourself and start sweeping water out the patio door." Finally,after much weeping and sweeping, hubby was convinced to come home from
work.As a self employed food caterer, he was preparing a banquet for 100!!! I can now look back on the day with much humor, but it took a water restoration company and lots of time.....I am feeling your pain!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,
sorry about the water problem.
Luckily you headed back to the bedroom when you did.
This happen to a friend and she lost all the pictures keepsakes she kept on the floor. Paul could build you some shelves in the garage, you`ll decide.
Todays a better day MW

Sue Neitzel said...

Oh no Tina! I feel for you, at least nothing was damaged! I'm finding the older I get, it's harder to hold everything together in a sane manner, so I say, cry if you need too, it's good therapy! lol

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I know exactly what you mean. It seems I can handle a lot of things but those household emergencies can really get to one!

I guess it is because the extent of damage is unknown and it so disrupts your (planned) day.

We knew a family whose water hose broke while on vacation. They returned to a flooded house! Yikes...

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh my goodness! I am a lurker but I just had to respond to this! How distressing something like this can be! I am so glad nothing was damaged! I always worry about things like this happening as my husband travels a lot and often for his business and I am left here to handle things on my own... I would have done the same thing, I think... just stood there and bawled. Then I would have called my neighbor!
Hope you have a restful day today!

Karlene Gould said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you. I know I would have done the same thing! We live in a one floor ranch which means the hot water tank is on the same floor...I have opt. to changing it out every 5 yrs. just in case it fails...I have had the commode over flow but I was rather close and caught it before to much damage...glad you were there in time...and think tomorrow will be better...

jayedee said...

oh bless your heart! it happened to me once about 20 years ago and it was enough to last me a lifetime, thank you very much!

Debbie from NJ said...

Oh Tina,

I am new to your blog. So sorry to hear this, but glad there wasn't too much damage. We had that happen in our basement from a storm.

Quinne said...

Hi Tina - I'm so sorry! Glad to read that the damage was minimal - though I know that the stress was enormous! Sending you hugs & love, Q

lovingewe said...

Thinking of you today, pulling the bedroom back together. Hope its going well and you have a warm dry day to allow the windows opened.
Can relate to keeping it all together. I always tell the kids that things in life are like a math question. Think outside the box sometimes but there is always a solution. Freaking out is not one of them!
Think of this as deep spring cleaning, wash and all.

Jeanie said...

Oh, no -- that sounds dreadful on every single level and I would have cried like a crazy lady. When my basement flooded, it was a cement floor and while I lost a few things, nothing of value and it was probably a good sign to pitch. As clean-ups go, not bad. But in your living space. Oh, I'm so very, VERY sorry!

madrekarin said...

Oh, no! I don't think there is anything worse than unexpectedly stepping into something wet.
I hope that everything is okay and all of your things are dry.
Bad toilet, bad toilet.

Tara said...


Oh Gosh, water can be so damaging! Hope it all works out, sweetie!