Saturday, May 3, 2008

WEEK 6-FARM GIRL BLOG A THON (5/3/08-5/7/08)

Welcome to Week 6 of the: "FARM GIRL BLOG-A-THON"

Share with us a photo of your farm animal/animals(cow,duck,horse,sheep,chicken,guinea,etc..anything goes)

Your furry friends(dog,cat,other)or feathered friends,or finned friends (have a catfish pond??)

If no pets/farm animals...simply share with us what you'd like to one day have on your farm.

We want to see pictures.
This week wraps up our "Farm Girl Blog A Thon".

Thanks so much for being a part of the fun!
Drawing for a farm girl themed surprise package will be held May 8th! (from the names of blog participants in the blog a thon.)
Winner to be announced May 8th/evening.
Are you a Farm Girl or Farm Girl at heart?
Do you love having that little flock of back yard chickens (even in the city?/or dream of having chickens in your yard one day?)
Do you love growing your own food items?
Love being thrifty and frugal?
Love wearing an apron, or simply collecting them?
Love a "dirty manicure" from planting seeds in the soil?
Do you love bringing the simpler ways of living into your life and home?
Love cooking good old home style meals?
Love canning your own foods?
Or dream about one day actually having a bit of land to stretch out on?
Then you are a Farm Girl!..(or Farm Girl at heart!)
Let "Blogland" know you are "PROUD TO BE A FARM GIRL!!"
Join the Fun here from 4-7-08 to 5/7/08
Again..thanks so much for joining in the fun!
~The Garden Goose~


lovingewe said...

Just want to thank-you for the idea on the blog-a-thon. I have been joining in on some of the fun as well. I have enjoyed seeing other farm girls lives as well. Neleh

Grand Life said...

Thanks so much for the blog-a-thon. Given me a reason to get into the recesses of my mind. I've left my last post with a link to MaryJane Farmgirl blog. Hope you have a great week.

MyThreeDaughters said...

My entry is finished. Thanks so much for the fun. Linda.

PlumCreekMama said...

I just published my post! Thanks for hosting the blog-a-thon! I had a great time!


Virtual Farmgirl said...

Here's my final blog-a-thon post:

Thanks again for hosting. Was great fun!

Jessica said...

I've had so much fun with this blog a thon. I hope that we can do it again soon. :) I've learned so much from everyone else.

I just got my 6th and final post up on my favorite little critter. :)

Ruth said...

Here is my last post for the Farm Girl Blog A Thon. I have enjoyed this so much. Thank you for hosting this fun time.

~~Anne said...


I"m so late in commenting about this, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Farm Girl Blog-a-Thon. I was unable to participate as too much was (is) going on in my life right now. (My mom had surgery for colon cancer in January and just now at the end of April she fell and fracured her hip. But, I have to say that reading all of the farmgirls' entries each week was just so much fun and it was actually comforting and almost like a therapy for me after the long days I've been having. So, thank you for hosting the blog-a-thon and I hope that you will consider doing it again.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.