Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Weekend...New Art..and more...

Had a nice day yesterday..we all went to the beach nearby and spent about 3 hours there.

It was a nice day out.

Fun to walk along and collect shells with my littlest one(3 yrs. old) and hear here exclaiming "oh I found another pretty!"

Then to sit with her in the sand while the rest of my crew went off with the metal detector to have fun..she and I tossed some crackers on the sand and waited for the seagulls to come flying by for a snack. I laughed out loud when she decided to name one of the seagulls "hamburger"..and wouldn't ya know I guess the kid planted a subliminal message, because then by the end of the day..what should I want for dinner exceot for yep...a hamburger...ha.

It warmed my heart to hear her tell me... "mommy... I'm having fun"

It made me so happy to know that we were creating memories as a family I didn't have my camera with me yesterday as my son laughed out loud as his dad and sister covered his legs with sand and as we laughed together as we helped him wiggle back out of the sand and wash camera with me as we all added bits and pieces to a castle that had perhaps been left behind by another family that had a bit fun just before us....but I have a big heart that can hold lots of pictures that the camera sometimes misses..and those are memories... oh such precious memories...each one a snapshot of love and laughter that no camera can ever's called... "the joy of a mama's heart."
I created a new art work canvas...

"Sweet Home": is an 8 by 10 altered art creation on canvas.

I used a really pretty turquoise/bright robin's egg blue color on the canvas then created a scene using reproduction vintage images :millinery tag, victorian girl,rose botanicals, and a tiny bee. Added bits of glitter on the roses,and then aded a vintage tiny crocheted doily to part of the image..and some vintage ribbon..added a few buttons and ribbon embellishment.

I really like the cheery colors to this one and like how it turned out.

I hope that you do too.

I am offering it here for : $18 which includes shipping.

If you are interested in this art work simply email me through my blog profile here and I will create a paypal invoice for you. Thanks for looking. I so very much enjoy creating the little art works like this.
Today I have been cleaning out my closet a little..isn't it amazing that when you begin to clean find out.."wow..I had stock piled quite a bit..and for what reason? If I haven't worn it in over a year..and in some cases two...then it needs to go."

Wound up with 2 garbage bags full of clothing..sheesh.
Yes..having a garage saleis in the plans soon.
I want to have a big garage I keep finding things to add to the growing pile in the garage.
Then I'll head out there soon and take a few days to sit and price and sort everything.
Then plan on a big sale.I'm wanting to be able to buy some paint to get some areas of the house painted.(interior)
Well...the garden is doing great..I checked on the plants today. It looks like the peas are nearing the end of their season..but..the tomatoes and green beans and cow peas and squash and cucumbers are entering their growth spurts..the squash plant is really...super loaded with blossoms and starting to set out some tiny squash..and the tomato plants are literally loaded..I mean loaded with baby tomatoes..and oh my gracious at the blossoms on the cuke plants! my word!We are going to have a bumper crop of those items it looks like this year. And the corn plants have grown a lot in about a month we should be seeing some corn on the plants and so forth.
Here's wishing you all a lovely day!
Remember to smile a while and count your blessings!

Thanks for joining me in "blog land"

~The Garden Goose~


Bejeweled said...

Sounds like just a wonderful day at the beach!! So glad you and your family were able to have such a great family day together!!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I appreciate your visiting my blog and letting me find yours! I adore your beach music you made with your daughter and I so wish I lived close to the beach. I would walk it every day!

Your garden sounds lovely, I have a very small one started and mostly in pots but, we will see.
;-) grins

your artwork is lovely, I also love to work with mixed media, it is one my other blog ~ Altered Art Dreams~

I am working on getting more in my etsy store. Most of mine are swaps! I will return to spend more time soon. Thanks for the inspiring visit.

My Group Glad Tidings is offering a giveaway also, just started today! You can find the link on my blog as I will go add it now, or they are also listed on my sidebar.
smiles, cyndi

meg said...

The description of your day has given me the urge to make the yearly pilgrimage to the seaside (we only live 65 miles or so, but have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it over one of the two-lane roads before the traffic gets too horrible :-P)
I've got zuch's beginning to harvest & my cucumber went wild with the heat last week- I'm going to have to cage them both, otherwise they will start wrestling for control of the yard :-D

fvclassic said...

ah... serenity

gp in montana

Jeanie said...

I am so dying to go to the beach. Soon... I think you have many lovely "photographs of the heart" from your special day together!

I got a bit of garden in -- I do most of mine in pots -- bad dirt. More to come by the end of the holiday weekend!

Grand Life said...

You mentioned several loves of mine in your post today. I love walking on the beach in the winter with our grandchildren and looking for unbroken sand dollars, we also love garage sales and some years ago bought a huge scrapbook with early 1900 cards and victorian picture pages someone had saved.
Also I miss the vegetable garden I used to plant with my neighbor. Where we live in the summer has a growing season of about 40 minutes. I loved participating in your Farm Girl contest. Thanks again for sponsoring it.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

You didn't even need a photo! You painted such a beautiful picture in my imagination. Sounds like such a lovely day of memories.


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Glad you had such a nice day, and at the beach! Couldn't get any better then that! Collecting shells is a treat of mine also. My sister and our families camped on the beach each summer for 2 weeks for 12 years stright. I miss those days! Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend! Hugs, Maryjane