Thursday, May 8, 2008

Garden Fun...

Don't these tomatoes and other veggies just look so scrumptious?

You can add these fun varieties/heirloom varieties at that!.... to your garden this year.
Lots of fun colors and varieties.

I just love all of the color combinations. Just imagine how much fun it would be to collect a rainbow array of food from your own backyard!

All of these varieties are available here:
Have a small backyard....but a big desire for a garden this year to feed your family?

Check out these books that offer plenty of ideas to help you to have that garden in a small area.

Don't let "small" stop you! ...Dream big..and "just do it!!"
All books available here:

I thoroughly encourage you to try gardening this year.
For the fun of it, for the health of it..and to "get back to your roots" a bit.
Plus with food prices projected to rise.... it can wind up being an economical/money saving thing to do.
And ..I can just bet ..that once you get'll enjoy a "dirty manicure" every now and then...and the pride in knowing.."I grew it myself!"
~The Garden Goose~

1 comment:

Ann Marie Newman said...

My, my those tomatoes look colorful! Wish I had time to put in a little garden this year. Food is getting super expensive around here. I may get some pots of herbs soon.

Sorry to hear about the mini flood. What a shock. It is traumatizing to deal with those kinds of surprises.

Lily just finished her last final today and will be taking her summer break. She had an intense semester and is looking forward to more free time.

I have a little break with just a few gigs here & there until June hits - then boy-o-boy will I be running. My goal is to work on some art projects. Oh, and get my professional website up and running by the end of May. Oh, and create an improv workshop for a couple of gigs I took this summer... Sheesh, did I say I had a break? Guess not.

Well, life sure isn't boring that's for sure. Hah!

Looks like you stay pretty busy yourself too. It is always fun to read your blog and see what you all are doing.

Ciao for now!