Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some flower seeds I have collected/For new gardens

Those who have been reading my blog for some time now know that I am a plant/flower nut..and..if you didn't do now..ha.

Anyhow..I wanted to share with you some lovely flower/fruit seeds that I have in my personal seed bank that I hope to grow at a new home.You might find that these varieties are something you too may want to try in your I will admit not everything I will be growing will be heirloom varieties, but most will be...

I must admit that there are some hybrid varieties that I do have a hard time resisting, as they are just so very pretty too.So, yes sometimes I will be growing a few hybrids in my flower gardens, but for the most part I do try to find heirlooms, but listed below are some hybrid varieties with the exception of the fruit producers.(the passion vine and the pomegranate)

The really nice thing about seeds is that many varieties can be stored and saved for several years and they will still be viable. Things like melons, peppers and so forth can maintain their viability for up to 5 years or more. But anyhow..back to pretty are some pretty flower seeds that are a part of my seed collection and that I am hoping, hoping, hoping that I will be able to start growing real soon.
If you'd like some flower seeds like this stop by the online shop of ebay seller 55hoffman. That is where I found all of these varieties.
I was able to find a unique("rare") passion flower vine seed called "Banana Passion Vine"
Aren't the flowers beautiful! And the great thing about this variety is that it produces fruit. I have a maypop/purple variety of passion vine that produces lots of flowers and lots of "volunteer" plants but I have yet to see any fruit on the I am excited to hopefully try growing something that has the potential to produce an edible fruit.
Then I found seed for this real pretty sunflower called "Ruby Eclipse Sunflower"
These will grow up to 6 ft. tall .
I had been wanting to find seeds for Pomegranate for a while and found seed for those.They are supposed to be relatively easy to grow..I hope so.


And then I love cosmos..they come in so many colors and are such a cheery flower in the garden.I found this variety called "Summer Dreams Cosmos". Oh I think they are so very pretty.---------------

I like scabiosa(pincushion flowers) ..I find them rather fascinating in that they look like little ..well.. little pincushions full of pins..they are rather cute little flowers.I have grown the pale lavender variety before, but found these ones called "Summer Berries".
And lastly..I found this cute variety of nasturtiums called "Papaya Cream" nasturtiums are an edible flower and can add a slight peppery taste to salads, or be used merely to add as a garnish to a plate.But..don't you think these would look so pretty tossed into a salad though? I do.
So...there you have it..some really pretty flower varieties..have I managed to get you to thinking about adding something new to your flower gardens?...ha.:0)
Have a lovely day!
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