Sunday, July 5, 2009

oh wow! Look at this Give Away! What fun!

O.k...without a doubt I would SOOOO love to win this! (see my left hand side bar/the link to the super cool bike) Madsen Cycles
You can enter the contest too which is open until July win one of these super cool cycles.
Oooh la-la! So..what are you waiting for? Get thyself hence over to the website pronto and sign up.


Gayla said...

How fun!!! Thanks for the heads up.. I hope you win it.. Hugs!

Susan said...

Don't you hope to win? That is one cool bike! Hey, if you can give me a shout out about my apron giveaway...we have to talk soon woman!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Now that's a bike!! How cool is that?! Maybe you'll win. :0)

Drop by for a visit anytime..I'm usually close by,