Monday, July 20, 2009

Decorating "Farm Style"

Sometimes we all want a fresh look in our kitchen..but sometimes the "old is in"...meaning... sometimes we can create an awesome new look by going back a few years, and bringing vintage styled items into our rooms,creating an all new look that adds cheeriness, as well as a good bit of nostalgia.

I don't know about you, but I for one do not want my home decor looking like everyone else's, or full of big box store items...the look that everyone and their sister can find for a dime a dozen, and marked "made in (insert some foreign country name here) ...
Nope...I tend to gravitate towards things that fit into the "vintage" category...true some of them just might have come from another country...but, I didn't support a big box store when I bought them...nope...I supported someone who took the time to unearth these treasures at either an estate sale, garage sale, or dug out of a box from grandma's attic or such.
You seee...I enjoy shopping on for my fun decor finds and thought I'd share a few farm themed items I came across here for you.
All of the items posted here are posted along with the shop name of where you can find these inexpensive, but fun, and vintage decor items.(no, I am not being bribed, paid, or begged to list these items here...I'm doing it just for the fun of it) Enjoy!

Kids and Farm print in black and white from (would look great in a red frame)

Copper Cookie Cutters from would be cute hung from red ribbons against gingham curtains.or in a small basket with a rolling pin nearby.)

A set of 2 awesome cow anatomy prints from
These would make a great framed set.Very detailed illustrations. (I could see these framed in classic black frames or again in cheery red frames.) Next up... these four seasons on the farm prints are available from

These are very pretty I think.Showing each season on the same farm. These would look nice I think displayed in frames over top of the kitchen cabinets..,in a panoramic sequence of frames starting with Spring and ending with Winter.

Wouldn't this old book be so cute propped up on your counter next to a display of little farm animals, or alongside your vintage chicken display along with a plant? Available at

What about this cute old goat print? Not often that you can find a nice print like this of a goat. This fine print is available at :

Goats and cows not your thing? What about horses? This lovely horse tray is available at:

Into about this little "Inch by Inch, Row by Row"..tiny plate? isn't it adorable? Available at:

And last.... but not least we can't forget the little cluckers...this cute rooster figure is available at:

Hope you enjoyed discovering a few new places to shop. Have fun decorating your Farm Style kitchen!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose!~


Piecefulafternoon said...

What fun - I'll go visit some of the shops after work today. Thanks for sharing. I love vintage things.

Princess Of Pink said...

LOVELY!!! I myself am more the shabby chic gal, but still, these items are fun for a kitchen. EVEN with my shabby chic, lol.

Princess Of Pink said...

OOPS I have been looking at those farm prints! I saw the most lovely things for moi as well. lol. The
Charming 1950 Vintage Art Deco Couple in Garden Full of Flowers Tin for Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Garden is just up my ally as are the ladies prints, ♥♥

Linda Stubbs said...

Thank you for coming over to our giveaway and thank you for the sweet comments. I love what I get to do. I am a momma of 7, 5 here on earth and 2 in heaven. The ages of my children are 15-37 and 9 grandchildren. What more can you ask? We also homeschool the two youngest.

Well, I am off to market and will save your blog so I can come back and sit for awhile. I know I am going to like it!!!! It looks beautiful!!!! Hope you win! I really wish everyone could win. :< )

Jen Greenley said...

Holy cow! That apron looks just like the one I inherited from my Czechoslovakian great grandma. It's so old and soft. I LOVE wearing it in the kitchen :)