Monday, July 6, 2009

Awesome Apron Give Away..and more...

Wanted to let you all know about this super sweet give away over at my friend Susan's blog.

Susan will be giving away not one, but 2 darling aprons!...and as we all know by now..Aprons are IN! get thyself hence over to my friend's blog...pronto..and join the fun..

..o.k., least after you finish reading my get your name in the pot for the drawing though, and let her know Tina sent ya.:0)

Also..why not join in on Susan's "Friday Baking" event?

Or at least enjoy the wonderful recipes that she shares quite often..and let me tell you folks..her recent post wherein she shared a recipe for blueberry pie..oh be still my beating heart..that pie was so awesomely delish! You will definitely be missing out if you don't at least try that recipe. It was a winner here at our house, and in fact I have a hankering for some more of that pie soon too. stop by and visit with Susan and let her know that I sent you on over.:0)
O.k. now..I am fast approaching my 500th post..and I will have something fun to offer in the way of a drawing'll want to stop back by real soon for that.
I also have had a little bit of excitement going on here...
I have had one of my photos published in a national magazine!
Yes! ...I am really excited about that!
You will find a photo created by moi..on page 64 of the August/September 2009 issue of "Mary Jane's Farm"! The magazines are available at Books A Million, Barnes and Noble and also at some Tractor Supply stores.
Also... I have had another one of my articles published in the July-August 2009 issue of "The Country Register" for the Nebraska region.
The article is about collecting vintage photos...
The newspaper type paper is available at specialty country and antique stores around the state...
"The Country Register" itself is a newspaper that is distributed across the U.s. and Canada and typically carried by antique specialty shops and country themed stores and specialty boutiques.
So it is rather exciting to see more of my work getting "out there".
And....I have something else in the busy working on it, and doing my research...when I have more of it completed I of course may let a bit more of the "cat out of the bag"...but suffice it to say..I'm having quite a lot of fun lately.
That's the news from my little corner of the world.
I hope that you all are having a wonderful evening.
Thanks for stopping by!

~The Garden Goose!~

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Wanda said...

Hi Tina, just a quick little hello, not much going on around here. Take care. I will be watching for the cat to get out of the bag.:) TTFN