Friday, July 31, 2009

Hen Box GiveAway and chicken musings...

Another chance to get your name in the hat for a backyard chicken Hen Box over at "Georgia Farmwoman":

Maybe 3rd time is a charm for me??

Yes, I must admit I'd be over the moon if I actually won one of the chicken nesting boxes featured on this fun blog.

See, Georgia Farmwoman's hubby crafts these awesome hen nesting boxes from quality materials, and you can tell just by looking at the photos that a lot of pride and craftsmanship goes into the creation of these nesting boxes.

I'd actually really love to add something like this to our future chicken coop.

Right now we do not have any backyard chickens, but we did have 2 hens ,and it was so nice to watch them strutting their stuff in our backyard and providing us with more than enough eggs for our family.... unfortunately something scared our favorite gal a few months ago and she died, so her coop mate went back to the feed store where we purchased the gals, and someone else gave her a nice home.

Kind of hard to keep backyard chickens when a home is for sale and being shown... as not everyone in the city/coming to look at a home that is for sale in the city understands the backyard chicken concept. :0)

But..we will definitely have backyard chickens again in the very near soon as our current home sells and we get relocated.

We'd love to have at least 4 hens at our new place.

My oldest daughter and I have talked about the types of chickens we'd like to have, and we both like the Polish Crested /probably if the younger children become involved with a 4-h poultry club they can show the Polish Crested, and my daughter had 2 Ameraucanas...that was what our gals were before...friendly little hens that both laid pretty greenish- blue eggs. So we definitely would like to get a pair of that type again.

Anyhow... hop on over to Georgia Farmwoman's blog to check out the nest boxes.

The drawing ends on 8/1.

~The Garden Goose~

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Betty said...

We aren't allowed to have chickens in the city; so, I'll not enter and hope that means a better chance for you to win.

Cute boxes, though. I did check out the blog...looks fun.