Friday, December 5, 2008 just have to treat yourself..."just because"...

Sometimes I feel my "inner child" wanting to show.
You see... some days I just refuse to grow up.

Or maybe it that I'm a "big girl" I can appreciate cute art type dolls, and vintage toys from a while back a bit more...
and recognize that ..."hey..they made some pretty cool things way back then..sturdier things..and just plain cute"

....and I find myself wanting to have a few of them around here and there for my soon to be new home..and simply because..they make me SMILE..yes..they make me smile.
I have decided that my new home will be filled with things that I like..and things that will make me SMILE.

So once in a while this gal treats herself to something maybe that others would call "totally frivolous"...but I said.."It makes me Smile"

I feel that our homes and lives should be filled with moments, objects,people,things that bring us joy, laughter..and a little smile every now and again.
I feel that our homes should be filled with things that when we walk by them..we take the time to look at them..and are happy or cheered by their presence.

Of course some things come and go as our tastes we are constantly changing ..but I for one have decided that I aim to surround myself with cheery colors, cheery things that not only make myself smile..but also add a cheery color and bit of whimsy and fun to my home...and that those that would come to visit would be cheered as well.

So..without further ado..looky at what I got.."Just for fun!"

Isn't it adorable?...yep..every now again a gal has to do something.."just because it makes her SMILE"

So..have you done anything lately ..."just because it makes you SMILE?"...if not..What are you waiting for... go have fun!
~The Garden Goose~


Princess Of Pink said...

Oh what a cute dolly! And that dinner set is wonderful too.
Yes we should buy things that makes us smile :)

Hugs from Marian

Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) One of may favorite "little something special" things to do is to pick up matching jewelry for my sister and me.

I found the lovliest rings for us this year and will take her out in the next few weeks to give hers to her. What fun! Love you, Q

Wanda said...

Hey Tina, I agree with you why have something if it doesn't make you smile. That is how I edit my stuff,clothes, furniture, garden plants, collectabes and anything else. It also determines my return rate on my shopping. Keep smilimg.TTFN