Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cook Book Clear Out/lots of cook books available

I have been busy clearing out my kitchen...and found that I had more than enough cookbooks for one gal ....
I am offering them here for sale:
Without further's the list and pricing(to U.S. addresses only please...I cannot afford the international postage at this time/thanks for understanding):
1.Weight Watchers : Simply Bueno!:150 simple recipes from America's rich Hispanic Heritage -----$7/plus $3.00 shipping (condition:brand new)Paperback

2. Weight Watchers: In No Time: delicious dishes in 20 minutes or less----------- $7/plus $3.00 shipping (condition: brand new)Paperback

3. Weight Watchers: Turn Around Program Cookbook: 125 easy recipes for both the core and flex plans-----------$7/plus $3.00 shipping (condition: brand new)Paperback

4. Weight Watchers: Grill It!: 150 flex and core plan recipes/sizzling steaks/burgers/salads/pizzas/barbaecued chicken/desserts----------$7 / plus $3.00 shipping (condition: brand new)Paperback

5. College Road Baptist Church Cook Book(Ocala, Fl)-----$5/free shipping (this cookbook was a large church's fund such as "Camper's Beans", "Buttermilk Pie","Prize Winner Dump Cake"..and more.(condition: good shape)Paperback

6. Campbell's Best Ever Recipes :125th Anniversary Edition(recipes using Campell's Soup)---------
$5/plus $3 shipping (condition: in like new condition with an inscription in front that I have marked out/otherwise book looks brand new) Hardback

7. Good Housekeeping Best Chicken Dishes........$5/plus $4 shipping (book is heavy)
(condition: brand new)Hardback with dust jacket

8. Salsa/ by P.J Birosik --------$5/plus $3.00 shipping (condition: brand new) all kinds of salsa recipes...Paperback

9. Juicing!/by Judi Olstein-------- $2/plus $2 shipping (condition: has a crayon marking on outside cloth cover(my baby got hold of the book and decorated the outside cover only/an inscription also in front...otherwise the inside looks brand new and no tears or any other problem/an excellent book if you can overlook the wee child art on the cover.:0)
(in fact I think the back cover looks like it has a smiley face on faint yellow crayon on a red cover/I figure you can create a "dust jacket" for the cookbook if you wish)Hardback

10. Sugar Busters!: cut sugar to trim fat--------$3/plus $3 shipping
(condition: brand new) Hardback with dust jacket

11. Weight Watchers: Super Foods Cookbook/45 recipes using favorite foods to improve your health-----------$3.50/plus $2 shipping (condition: brand new)Paperback

12. Eat Yourself Thin with Fabulous Desserts/Nancy Moshier,RN----------$4/plus $3 shipping (condition: brand new) Paperback

13: then I have (4) Kraft Food and Family magazines/Winter 2008,Holiday 2006,Fall 2008,Spring 2005/...then there are (2) gooseberry patch small cookbooklets(Fall Favorites, Family Favorite Recipes, and (1) The Country Cooking Recipe Collection: Prize Winning Chicken/
1 Southern Living magazine : November 2008/
1 Cooking Light:November 2008/
1 Weight Watchers Nov/Dec. 2005
----------this entire bundle for shipping of $5 to you (in U.S. only please)

If interested please email gardengoose at gmail dot com
~The Garden Goose~

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Princess Of Pink said...

I have added your magazine to my sidebar :)
I love to read it, so thought to promote you to this side of the world too.

Hugs and hope you will sell these cookbooks!!