Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Wishing all of you a lovely Merry Christmas!!

You all...from the readers that "lurk" in the shadows...yes..you..whoever you are...I'd like for you to come out of hiding once in a while and say "howdy"..I don't bite honestly I don't.(grins)

.....and you..the regular reader of my blog who does leave a comment from time to time...and you..the friends I have met in blogland who I have come to know and enjoy chatting with via email, or through visiting your blogs....

"YOU" all mean so very much to me...and I enjoy your visits.YOU are the reason I keep going with this blog, and the reason why I enjoy blogging so much. YOU add the fun to my blog..and I am glad you visit my blog. Thank YOU!

To every single one of YOU... I wish for YOU...yes.. YOU!!... a lovely Merry Christmas!!

~The Garden Goose~


Cindy B said...

Merry Christmas .. have a wonderful day with your family! cindy

Princess Of Pink said...

Merry Christmas to your whole family!!

Love and hugs from Marian and Elvis :)

Aunt Jenny said...

Have a wonderful Cozy Christmas Tina!!

Back Through Time said...

Merry Christmas!!!
Have a wonderful new year!