Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like a chipmunk...

Yep..I feel and look like a chipmunk..or a hamster today.

Went in this morning for a bit of oral surgery.
3 wisdom teeth took all of about 35 minutes, and I was back home within an hour.

Only thing I needed was nitrous oxide and 6 shots of novacaine.
The novacaine certainly lasted a while..and I still have a little bit of numbness here and there..and my surgery started at 9:45 this morning..and at 6:17 I still have a wee bit of numbness yet..but have had to use half of a pain pill as I can feel some of the pain in my jaw.

But I have been taking care of myself today.I piled in the bed and dozed on and off most of the day.
Am thankful that I have an older daughter and a hubby that can help out with everything around here.
But yep..I'm "little Miss chipmunk cheeks" here today...ha.
Set out 3 of my Christmas village buildings on the buffet in the dining area..not a whole lot of Christmas decor set out this year, as this past Summer we cleared out a lot of items and my artificial tree went in the garage sale along with quite a number of other Christmas decor items..I honestly had way too much in the way of decorations.
So this year I just made it rather simple..and put a pretty fiber optic village scene, and then a small lighted meat deli building that has a pig holding a plate of meat, and then a lighted library building...the smaller children enjoy looking in the windows of the 2 small buildings. The snow village is a fiber optic snow pond scene.
Hope you all are having fun getting ready for the holidays.
Cooking, cleaning, and everything in between I'm sure.
But I hope you have a grand time of it.
And have lovely moments to share with your family and friends.
Have yourself a lovely evening.This little chipmunk is going to take it easy.
~The Garden Goose~


meg said...

Wow- I'm impressed :-)
My 17 yo son has his out 2 weeks ago, & even though he didn't get swollen, he was pretty well out for the rest of the day (of course, they were impacted & he had to have Gen/Aneth :-S )

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hope you continue to feel well. All the experiences I have had with wisdom teeth (mine and children) have been pretty nasty.

Monica said...

Hope you have speedy recovery from the oral surgery. I remember having all 4 of my wisdom teeth out at once- after a couple weeks I was positively dying to bite into some real food! Anyway, it doesn't yet feel much like Christmas here, but I am looking forward to baking. :-) BTW, keep up the good work on STL.