Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Designing a Princess Style Room

I have a little "princess" that will soon have her own bedroom... So I've been looking around and planning out a few cute ideas for a room fit for a princess(once we get moved that is).

Here is some of what I have found that would create a gorgeous , yet whimsical room for a little girl.
Shoot..I even like the canopy myself... and may have one custom made for the master bedroom too. The canopies are available at very reasonable prices...and custom made at that! etsy seller
And for the little artist...fancy chalkboard vinyl decal available at
These are also terrifific for use in a kitchen area..I intend to have one of these inside my pantry door or in the kitchen itself.
And to add a bit of that Cinderella fairytale feel to the room..what about some darling little birds flitting about near a window?

Maybe you'd like more of a garden theme to the princess room?
Aren't these cheery flowers just the ticket? Also available at

Oh!....and we cannot forget the most important feature of a Princess themed room...the castle!!!Wouldn't this be absolutely adorable centered in the middle of that canopy?? Right above a bed?? oh my Yes!!! (again available at )

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my Princess theme room design.
~The Garden Goose!~


Anonymous said...

I love all the things you have picked out for a princess room
Bet you can hardly wait for that new home!
Love, mom C.

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

I want a princess room!

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