Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

So.. I did some errand running this afternoon..not too much fun, but needful things that had to be attended to. The fun came along after all of the errand running this afternoon, when dear daughter requested a trip to Joann's Fabric there I was in Joann's when....what should I spy but a shelf full of sewing machines and all on sale at that!!

Now, I had been wanting a sewing machine for a little while, and had told my husband a few days ago that for my upcoming birthday (which is on the 17th of Sept.) that I would like to have a sewing was a gal to do...but hastily get on the cell phone and in a sweet voice say..."umm honey..hey there..umm I'm here at Joann's and they have their sewing machines on sale today...can I go ahead and get one for my birthday while I'm here?"...and that sweet man of mine..well...he said Yes!! I am now the proud owner of a little Singer sewing nothing super fancy smancy about it....but I'm a gal here that has not used a sewing machine in 10 years...and this is going to be totally new territory to me again. I am both nervous and excited.:0)

I had no idea last night when I found some darling notions to sew with, that I would soon have a sewing machine to create with too...but..I went ahead and bought myself some awesomely sweet trims. Look at this CUUUUTE eye candy..aren't these trims just luscious??!

And yep..they are now mine..couldn't resist..and they are vintage trims too. Whoot! Whooot!

Now the aqua tassle and aqua square trimmings I intend to use to edge valances at my new home, and you can bet that if I tire of what the trim is attached to..ha..I am going to use a seam ripper to save the trim to use over again..yep..I like it "That much"..hee hee. But..anyhow let's take a look at the fun eye candy now shall we? I still have no idea what I will be creating with all of these gorgeous trims... but I'm sure the inspiration will hit me soon.:0)

And..since I'm on the topic of "Vintage" I thought I'd share a few more of my Vintage treasures with you all..Items that are tucked away awaiting the new home.
but first..take a look at this sweet, sweet, sweet "Bicycle Built For Two" that I will be using as a photo prop to create little images with?

It is a small bike only about 4 inches tall, but I intend to create images that can be converted to darling note cards...using flowers and such to create vintage looking!-fun!
------------------ on to the Vintage Treasures.....
I fell in love with this lamp shade..isn't it just awesome? I think it has the coolest design on it..and I'm going to use it on a lamp that my daughter and her grandfather made using a large gourd..I intend to paint the gourd base in a complementary color that will go with the lamp shade.But isn't this the neatest lamp shade? The lamp will most likely be included in my master bedroom decor.As the master bedroom will be a yellow color.---------
I have a few of these little enamelware European tea pots that will grace my 1950's themed kitchen..I have a collection of 1950's era chickens and roosters in bright reds and whites and yellows and blacks..and the little teapots complement the theme perfectly.
The kitchen will also have a red and white vintage potholder collection ..but anyhow..isn't the little teapot adorable? Such a cheery color!
------------- cannot forget about decorating a laundry room now, can one? I found these darling chalkware placques a while back and they are perfect for decorating a laundry room ...I think. Aren't they just so sweet?

Now..only to sell the current that I can bring out all of my fun treasures and get to decorating.:0)

--------We did have a house showing this past Saturday..but have not heard word back yet on how that went....sometimes the realtors are a bit slow to let us know the feedback whether good or bad on things..wish that wasn't the case..but such as it is in this process.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to my blog..and come back again real soon.

~The Garden Goose!~


madrekarin said...

Your house is going to be adorable. Love that lamp shade and the trims are delectable. Your new sewing machine is going to be one busy girl. :)
Fingers crossed that you hear something soon.

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Happy Birthday Tina! And congratulations on your new sewing machine. I got one recently too, also not having sewn anything on one in many years, but it seems to be calling me too. Love the trims too. So pretty. Visualize your new house. It will come.

CathyJean said...

Hey Tina! Isn't the planning and dreaming fun!
Welcome to the wonderful, addictive world of "sewing"!!! I would be sooo lost without my sewing machine, always got to be creating something. Have fun!!! and Happy (early) Birthday! :)
CathyJean :)