Monday, September 7, 2009

Art Challenge...what I made...

It has been a while since I entered the art challenge over at but this month I decided to join in the fun again.

We are given an image each month to create whatever our little hearts desire, but we MUST use the image provided somewhere in our creation.

This month's creative challenge prompt was the word "Daughter" and this image.

To create my project I used the backing cardboard from a package of gourmet jelly beans I had received back around Easter time..yes I saved the cardboard backing as it was already cut into this scalloped type edging along 3 sides..creating a "perfect" framing.

I then found some patterned paper with a repeating crown design, a larger crown image that I cut out very carefully, then I cut the image of the little girl out of paper, found a architectural image of an old urn, and a vintage botanical rose image..cut both of those out very carefully from paper....and had fun combining all of these elements. Then I edged the entire image with a pretty lace and ribbon edging in a pale beige color, then up in the top corners of the lace edging I applied two very tiny aqua colored pom poms.

I think the crown theme is very those of us that have daughters enjoy having our "little princesses" around.:0)

I made this image for my youngest daughter. It will be displayed on her dresser at a new home.She loves it!!
Now...if you like this creation..or any of the other creations that will be posted on September 9th over at
don't forget to vote for your favorite artist/creation. Winners of each month's challenge receive a $20 gift certificate towards the purchase of some nice art supplies....and maybe next month you'll join in the fun art challenge too.:0)
~The Garden Goose!~


studiorose said...

This is so imaginative! Love the crowns - I have been putting crowns on just about everything lately. :) I just love seeing how everyone interprets the image. Good luck in the challenge!

Wanda said...

Good job!!!!!!!

Betty said...

Ooh, how very cute and creative! I know your daughter really loves it.

We're back from our 18-day trip and I'm reading all the posts I missed. Actually, it's kinda fun playing 'catch up' all at reading a book about your life.

Take care.