Sunday, September 20, 2009

Awesome Garage Sale Finds

It was a terrific garage saling day around here yesterday!..which to be honest with you is a very rare occurence in our area to be able to score such nice vintage finds. But score I did! I am still excited about the cute/fun finds I mananged to acquire yesterday. Here are photos of what I found.Ooops.... and I still forgot to get photos on here of the 2 vintage cameras I found..I'll add those in a next post....But here is everything except for the 2 awesome antique cameras I found.

cake and pie keepers from 1970's.(cake keeper was $12.50 and pie keeper was $5)

chicken figurine and chicken candy holder... from late 40's and mid 50's. (Found for $1 each)
little pug dog figurine..unsure of age but it is old..and old dog print in frame..this was created by the Wilson Chemical Company around the 1930's-1940's they would sell these little prints to customers for 25 cents when the customers would buy their Cloverine Salve. I could not find much else in regards to info/value on this print other than the name being "The Last of the Litter" ..this print in very old frame too with wire wrapped hanger. (Got this picture for $1 /pug was $1)
wee dutch shoes/child sized were $1
little cherry embroidered doily /old on linen..was 25 cents
modern garden quotes book was 50 cents

Awesome vintage child's umbrella in excellent shape...scored this cute find for all of 50 cents!

And.... I scored 2 antique ladder back chairs in excellent condition with rush cane seats for $10 each!

Then this vintage wooden folding chair for $3 I'll need to repaint the yellow chair as I was unaware when I bought it that it had a fair amount of mildew on the underside of the chair and a strong musty/mildewy I will have to clean it with vinegar to kill the mildewy smells and probably sand and repaint..but I do like that cheery yellow color though..but may go with painting it a robin's egg bue..unsure of what color it will wind up....may keep it brilliant yellow, but it does have to be repainted as in currrent state the smell is a bit I'll have to scrub it and possibly have to sand it too.

then I found this little Chrysanthemum mug with underplate shaped like a flower. I'll be listing tis in my etsy shop as I already own a set of 4 of these... it is quite the Ardalt company...this one still has the old foil label on the bottom of the mug.
I'll post my vintage camera finds later on this evening though.
I really had fun finding these treasures and am pleased with them..Hope you enjoyed my little "show and tell"
Thanks for stopping by and joining in my bit of "vintage finds" excitement!
~The Garden Goose!~


Anonymous said...

Good morning! Love the garage sale finds! Such a cute puppy!
Neat that you found another cup to go with the other four. A light blue on chair would be pretty. Hey, but you know my favorite color is blue. :o)
Love ya,

susan said...

wow! those were some awesome finds!! if i had been with you i would have knocked you down to buy them first, in a nice way. :o)
we have super similar tastes

CathyJean said...

Hi Tina,
Looks like you've been having FUN!!! Great treasures you found :)
I finally got the internet on here at the new place. 4 more days til the closing ~ then I will be able to breath easier...

Sandy said...

Wonderful finds, I just found your blog...:) I love that cake keeper! I would have paid double! Too cute! You found some very nice things.....

Alpicks Treasures said...

Good finds!

Ann Marie Newman said...

LOVE the umbrella - so unique!!! I found a ladder back chair at an estate sale less than a mile from my house for $7. It is very study. I plan on covering the seat with a recycled wool applique design. LOVE estate sales here in Texas. We have enough competition that that prices are generally low.