Friday, October 2, 2009

Loving Fall!...and a little visitor

We finally have gorgeous Fall weather here in North Florida. The days have been at about the mid 70's and nights have been at about 54 degrees. Breezy, crisp clear air.

Love it!..and love the fact that I can now start throwing the windows open for fresh, crisp,cool air to breeze through my house. Yay!
I was able to get some close up photos of a cardinal that makes our backyard his home turf...hubby used the bird sound application on his i-pod to attract the little guys did the trick. This little male cardinal came in quite closely and would land about 6 feet away from us, and sometimes even a little closer than that as the cardinal bird sounds played on the i-pod speaker.

I'm not sure if this little cardinal had mites on his head/beak area or if he is going through a molt, as he kept rubbing his beak against branches and the feathers around his beak area looked a wee scruffy..anyhow..I was delighted to be able to get a few close shots with the camera. Enjoy!

I hope that you are enjoying Fall in your area too.
Thanks for stopping by!

~The Garden Goose!~


Anonymous said...

You take beautiful pictures!
Love mom C.

Beverly said...

Hi Tina....stopping by to see what is new with the Garden goose!! Don't you just love Fall?? it is my favorite time of year....relief from the heat (yay!) Have a wonderful weekend!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your pictures of the Cardinal!! Send some cool air down south ~ still really hot here in South Florida. :)

Hope you have a Fabulous Week ~

Bunny Hugs ~