Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Invitation...and some good reading...

I'd like to invite you to join a unique and fun forum on the internet geared towards self sustainability, back yard homesteading, crafts, sewing, and more at:


We'd be delighted to have you join us.

If you have not yet had a chance to read an issue of "Small Town Living" magazine we'd like to invite you to stop by the magazine website and check it out at:

A new issue of the magazine is currently in the works, and will be added to the website soon.

If you are not on our notification list of when a new issue gets posted to the site, and would like to be on the list...simply email us at gardengoose at gmail dot com
I recently found some awesome books I'd like to tell you about too.

First up is a book called "The BackYard Homestead"
I highly recommend this one!

You can find all of these books at Amazon.com

This book covers everything from how to plan out a garden, crop rotation, and so very much more, even a small section on bee keeping!
The next book is definitely a "must have" as well.

This one is called "Make -A-Mix" and has recipes for all sorts of mixes that you can create in bulk and wind up saving so much money.

Recipes for such things as pancake mix, brownie mix, basic cake mixes, and lots more.
And last, but not least a book titled "Smith & Hawken: Gardener's Community Cookbook"

Oh my gracious sakes alive....if ever there was a cookbook for the gardener this one is it.

Recipes galore from all over the country using vegetables.
Definitely a good one to have in the cookbook collection.
Well..I hope you all are having a great week, and do stop by and visit with me again.

(oh, and please don't forget to let me know you stopped by, please do leave a sweet comment. I always enjoy knowing who has stopped by to visit)

~The Garden Goose~


Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Waiting patiently for next issue of Small Town Living magazine.
Love reading it!
Love, mom C. :o)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Left a message but it didn`t go thru. You Two do alot of work to create each issue.
Must checkout the books.
Love Mom W

Anonymous said...
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CathyJean said...

Hey, Tina!
Yeah!! I LOVE the forum, thank you! Going to be a great new hang out :)
Thanks for the book tips. I have the "old" Make A Mix books 1 & 2, used them a lot when my kids were small. I'll have to check out this new one. I've been eyeing the Backyard Homestead - it's on my wishlist and now I'll have to look for that cookbook! LOL! I'm looking forward to the new STL magazine, too :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I have so enjoyed getting caught up with you.

Ruth said...

These books seem great. I saw the Backyard Homesteader at Waldenbooks the other day. I should have picked it up.