Saturday, May 9, 2009

And the Winners Are...(and more)

Hello !

I had my 4 yr. old draw names from folded up slips of paper and she drew the following names as the winners of the little books posted below..

Cathy Jean
Miss Nessa
Nannette M and daughters
Congratulations gals! (I will contact you via your blogs)
Well gracious... I feel like I am so rusty on this blogging thing it seems like it has been a coon's age and then some... since I have posted here.
Yes, our home here in Florida is for sale, it has been on the market now for a little less than 2 weeks.

We are anxious to see it sell so that we can move closer to family.We will be moving to Ocala, FL.

We are hoping that this goal can be achieved before Christmas of this year.I'd really love this goal to be achieved by my birthday in September..if not a wee bit sooner. We shall see.
I have been dreaming,planning, and even gathering seeds for future gardens lately.

It is so fun to find new to me varieties of flowers and even vegetables.
I will be working on the next issue of "Small Town Living" ( week. I always enjoy the writing and planning involved with the magazine.I always learn so very much with each issue we create.As the articles that are written always involve research, research, and more research.
My children all recently have been going through a little head cold virus that has floated its way through the family..uggh. I always hate when they get things like that. But at least this one is short lived..only a couple of days worth of the yuckies, and the kids seem to be bouncing back rather well from it.
My oldest daughter baked a big batch of homemade French bread last night. Oh my gracious! She is the official bread baker in the family for sure...our house smelled so yummy last night..and yes the bread was/is awesome.
I have been doing a bit of looking on creating a bit of a "wish list" of books lately.
Looking at books related to self sustainability, organic gardening, and bee keeping, and yes, old fashioned cooking too.
I have been very interested in bees for quite a while now and would love to have a small hive of bees to raise.

I'm secretly hoping that the next home provides us with at least .50 of an acre of land so that I may be able to actually have a small hive or two of bees on the very far back corner of the property. Again..we shall see.
I'd be delighted with a little bit more land than .50 of an acre lot...but .50 of an acre would be nice though if we can't find a larger lot than that.
With a home on the market everything becomes a bit "on hold" when it comes to gardening plans that is for sure.
At least for me..because the plants that I am wanting to keep are mostly all in pots now awaiting the move, and I will not be creating a garden/tilling the earth here at this home since the lawn has been converted back over to a "citified"lawn now.

So, as a gardener ...I find myself simply gathering/collecting seeds and planning/dreaming....and yep...chomping at the bit and more than eager to have a new slate/new yard to have the chance to plan and plant new gardens again.
My entire house has been very much "de-personalized", and I must say..that it is a bit hard to have everything so "in limbo", and all of our pictures,household items, and other fun items that we normally have around(except for the bare basics) totally packed away.
So...wish us we already have our fingers, toes, and hair, and yep, even our eyes crossed..ha..that our home sells fast.As I for one would really like to get back to a bit more of "normal" in not just gardening, but in home decorating,and a regular home routine as well.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend, and for you moms out there may you have a lovely Mother's day!
~The Garden Goose~


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

what a sweetheart you are Tina. Thank you so much. You're a generous Gardner!! We planted more in our garden today. Happy mothers day.

CathyJean said...

Oh, my goodness Tina!! I'm so thrilled to be one of your winners :) Thank you!! Thank you! You are sooo sweet :)
Happy Mother's Day to you too!