Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahh the smells of French Cuisine are stirring...

Through my house once more the smells of a delightful French dish... a potato gratin using sliced red potatoes, goat cheese, olives, and tomatoes ,and onion, and spices wafts through the house.

French music plays on the speakers from my husband's computer.

Ahhh..this is bliss!

The potato gratin will be completed in about 40 minutes in the oven. Then we will most definitely enjoy serious "comfort food".
Some of you asked what the names of the books were that my husband had read(you'll see the cover image above of the first book of the series)...I need to read them as well now, especially since I am finding myself partaking of French cooking as of late.
The thing about French cooking that I have noticed so far... from what I can tell anyhow in the 2 dishes we have enjoyed in the last 2 weeks...is that the process is "slow and steady". It definitely allows you to take the time to enjoy the whole process of creating the meal.It is not one of those "flash in a pan/made from a can" types of approaches...oh no.!..there is a definite "getting to know your food" approach to things.
Actually how I think it should be..more of a "slow food" approach, incorporating various spices,herbs, and fresh,hearty ingredients.
So...all of that to say this...have you tried stepping outside of your "comfort zone" and tried to prepare something different for dinner? If not..why not give it a try this week.
Take a journey to another country...at least through your taste buds, and with music...find music online that is from the area you choose, and look online also for recipes from that particular country.
If you cannot afford to travel by plane to another country..then bring that country to you through the cuisine and music.
Have fun and enjoy!
~The Garden Goose~


Carol............. said...

OK...my mouth is watering........!
I've been eating lots of Vietnamese food ( PHO) over the past few years that's a combination of Vietnamese and French cooking....totally wonderful!

Abe Lincoln said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting. I like to try different dishes but always like to know the kind of meat (if any) there is in them.

Ruth said...

It sounds so delicious. I have requested the book at the library.