Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Princess Grows Up....

Some days it seems like just yesterday that we brought home a wonderful bundle of joy..our first born child...but then some days it seems like oh so very long ago. What a mix of emotions raising a child to adult hood brings.

Tonight I find myself baking an 18th birthday cake for tomorrow's quiet family celebration ...a day that will fully mark in both my mind and my oldest daughter's mind..that adulthood has "officially" been entered.
Yes, I am a bundle of emotions(but I am managing to keep them hidden quite well I think) as we mark this very special occasion...and yes...I am feeling my age a wee bit this evening.
Of course this transition was coming along for quite a while..tomorrow just really clinches the fact.

You daughter is extremely mature..she has been "grown up" for quite a while now. She has for quite a long time now exuded a grace and maturity far beyond her years.A true sweetheart of a person. Caring, thoughtful, a great help to her dad and I, and a wonderful "big sister" to her 2 siblings that came along 9 yrs after she had been the "only child" of the family.She still jokes that she has issues with sharing..ha.And she is her mom's best friend.:0) "baby girl" is no more...she is now an adult..and I am so very, very proud of her.Tomorrow is "her day!" Happy Birthday Naomi!

~The Garden Goose~


Betty said...

What a beautiful tribute to your very beautiful daughter! I'm so happy that you are best friends!

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

meg said...

Hugs, Mom~ I walked this road in Feb when my youngest turned 18, so I know those jumble of emotions.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I remember when your
husband turned 18. I thought
he would stay home forever,
Yes emotions are there. Thank
God he gave us emotions, We must use them wisely. Thanks for the beautiful inside and outside Grand daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Mom W

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday. It is a bitter-sweet time when a child goes to being a grown-up. You and your hubby has done a great job at raising her and the other two. Hope you and yours have a blessed day

Carol............. said...

Naomi must be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

How wonderful that you share such a close relationship.