Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super D Duper Dizzy Busy...

O.k. say that title 10 times super fact..and I bet your head will spin too. LOL

Well..we had the realtors walk through's on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and we have decided on who we will be using to list the house, and a price to list at. We expect that once we contact an agent on Friday morning that the sign will be up sometime the first of next week.

I am really hoping...and yes..praying..that things go really well and we can have the house sold within30- 90 days. Oh that would be absolutely amazing if we can sell within that time frame!

I am so excited about the possibilities for our family.

I have already been in contact with the home schooling group for my kids in the area we will be moving to...and the folks in the group have expressed excitement to meet me and my family..yay!...

and I have been in contact with a gal that seems to share an interest in gardening and a "back to basics" type approach to homemaking/farm girly type gal..and she has been in contact with me, and we are eager to meet up with each other, and hopefully become friends.

I have also been in contact with a plant exchange/gardening group in the area, and looking forward to meeting some of the folks from that group as well.

The kids will be involved in various activities...from 4-h to ballroom dance classes, as well as the home school group get togethers. So there will be plenty to keep our crew busy once we get moved.

My house is packed up except for the bare basics..everything is "de-cluttered, de-personalized", and the realtors were impressed with how the house looked and how I had "staged" is good..they all said all's we needed to do was stick the sign in the that is a big relief in and of itself.

Now to get the rest of this journey over and done with... and settled into a new home as soon as possible so that my kids routines can get back to a somewhat normal well as of course mine and my husband's routines.
On a different note..I have been finding a few flower seeds to save back for the new yard... so much fun to plan a "dream garden/yard"!

I have found some lovely antique poppy seeds,seeds for a plant called "Pride of Madeira", a really pretty red pasque flower seeds, and a few others.

It will be so fun to plan out a new yard/flower gardens...and to plan out vegetable gardens as well. I have been saving heirloom flower and vegetable seeds for a little while now, and have a pretty good collection of, fun, fun!

I have missed out this year on any type of gardening ..with the exception of a 4 ft by 8 ft raised bed filled with green bean plants, and a 4 ft by 8 ft bed filled with strawberry plants..that unfortunately the chickens have been having a ball eating all the baby green strawberries from.

The green beans though are close to being able to harvest..for some reason the chickens have ignored those.

I do plan on taking up a few of the strawberry plants though... and transferring them to the new yard, as they are the everbearing strawberries, and when I was looking at a hardware store's plant selection recently..I saw the strawberry plants priced at about $4.50-$4.99 each! So..I will be taking a few of those with us to get a strawberry bed established at the new home.
So yes..a lot of Dizzy Busy days have been going on here..but a definite excitement in the air as well.
I have missed the blogging, and the blog visiting... but I know that many of you have "been there..and done that" on the moving thing before..and I know you all are hanging in there with me, and sending good wishes as I/we go through this journey with our family.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

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madrekarin said...

Tina- I'm sending positive vibes your way that things will go well and you sell your house zippy-quick! Sounds like you have a nice network at the ready in your new hometown! That is wonderful. You'll be able to slip right in and wow them with your talents!