Thursday, April 9, 2009

If only...

If only all of the scrubbing and cleaning I have been doing lately..would make my butt look smaller..I'd be one happy camper. ..ha.

Yes I've been cleaning my butt off, but as I told my daughter..looks like my butt is still there..sigh...haha.
We are making incredible progress on getting the house/yard finished up and ready to call realtors in the next few days(sometime next week to do a "walk thru"
I must confess..getting ready to put a house on the market, and packing up when there is a household of 5 hard work.It is both physically and mentally me anyhow.

10 yrs ago perhaps I would not have felt this fact I know I didn't.... as we had moved an average of 10 times in 10 yrs..but that was before 2 more children entered the picture, and now I find myself 10 yrs older...yep..this go around has not been as fun...and has taken far longer than I would have wanted. I am so very, very glad that we are nearing the getting the signs up for sale part of this journey. I am gonna hang onto my hat and hope that the rest of the journey is smooth sailing.
With all of the cleaning/scrubbing we've done in the last few days I joked with daughter that we probably have the cleanest home in our county..ha.
I so very much miss getting in the yard and gardening..but wherever we wind up I am hoping for a pretty clear slate of a yard so that we can have the fun of creating our own oasis exactly how we want it.

It will take time, but it should be fun as well. I have more seeds than I can shake a stick at in my seed saving bank... so I know we'll have quite a variety of items to grow at a new home.
------------------ you know why things have ben so quiet here at the "Garden Goose".

I miss you all..miss all of the comments I used to get here..but I have not been out on "blog land" visiting for quite a while now because of the business involved here with the house....but do know I appreciate you all and would love to be able to visit..I've just been swamped lately.
Do feel free to leave me a comment though..they do go to my email which I try to check once a day. So I do see them even if I don't have time to comment.
hugs to you all,
~The Garden Goose~


Betty said...

I missed the post about you moving, I think. Why? Where? When?

Now that you've cleaned your home so thoroughly, I hope you have many folks interested in buying it!

Good luck with your sale.

CathyJean said...

I can't believe I just read this - it's been my life too for the last few months!! but I don't have children at home anymore. You are closer to the sale part then I am. Still have one more room to paint, but it's weird living with most of my "things" in storage. I keep thinking of something I want to do, and can't because it's packed! LOL! I hear ya about the gardening part!! :( It's so hard not to be planting!
Best wishes to you! Hope your house sells quickly!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

All things I don't really like - cleaning, moving. Yipes. My heart goes out to you.